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More annals of huh?!??, financial edition

Posted by Charles II on August 29, 2010

As of this hour, Asia is a sea of green, and US futures look poised for a modest market pop.

Meanwhile, Roubini has upped his double dip forecast to 40%, noting that the drop off of stimulus turns what had been a tailwind into a headwind (from the increased interest payments) and that the 1.6% growth rate in the April-June quarter is very close to stall speed. He’s calling for 0.9% growth in the second half.

But today, there may well be a rally building on Friday’s anti-gravity exercise. And then? Who knows. We are deeply into Bizarro Universe.

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Annals Of Huh?!?!

Posted by Phoenix Woman on August 29, 2010

FDL blogger Siun has been regularly covering the Middle East and Israel, with FDL readers like Edward Teller and CTuttle providing additional coverage in The Seminal, for quite some time now. (Here, for example, is a story of Siun’s from December of 2008. And here’s another one from August 25, four days ago.)

And here’s one from today. And two from the 22nd, a week ago (here and here). In fact, counting today’s post, she’s done ten front-page posts during the month of August alone — and the month’s not over yet. [8:30 pm EDT: Make that eleven front-page posts.]

Because of the extreme sensitivity of the subject, she takes care to have all her ducks in a row before she posts a story. When she posts, the propagandists of whichever group you care to name have, be they Hezbollah or Hasbara, a tough time assailing her facts — and it’s not for lack of trying.

Which is why this out-of-the-blue and frankly bizarre blogger attack post (and followup attack Tweet) by Philip “Mondoweiss” Weiss against FDL truly surprises me. Then again, considering things like this and this, maybe it shouldn’t. (Jane’s been all over this, by the way.) Siun and frequent FDL commenter Philip Munger have responded with facts that dismantle the attacks and the cherry-picked quotes, and their responses have been allowed to stand — yet I notice that neither Weiss nor any of his regular commenters or writers have, as of this writing (4:36 pm Eastern Time) dared to reply to either Siun or Edward.

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Posted by Phoenix Woman on August 29, 2010

Because the truth is scarier than any attempt to parody Alan Simpson could be:

Go and check out just how much this elitist silver-spoon member of Wyoming’s biggest political dynasty hates Social Security in particular — and taking care of the “lesser people” in general.

He sounds like a friggin’ Randroid.

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