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Annals Of Huh?!?!

Posted by Phoenix Woman on August 29, 2010

FDL blogger Siun has been regularly covering the Middle East and Israel, with FDL readers like Edward Teller and CTuttle providing additional coverage in The Seminal, for quite some time now. (Here, for example, is a story of Siun’s from December of 2008. And here’s another one from August 25, four days ago.)

And here’s one from today. And two from the 22nd, a week ago (here and here). In fact, counting today’s post, she’s done ten front-page posts during the month of August alone — and the month’s not over yet. [8:30 pm EDT: Make that eleven front-page posts.]

Because of the extreme sensitivity of the subject, she takes care to have all her ducks in a row before she posts a story. When she posts, the propagandists of whichever group you care to name have, be they Hezbollah or Hasbara, a tough time assailing her facts — and it’s not for lack of trying.

Which is why this out-of-the-blue and frankly bizarre blogger attack post (and followup attack Tweet) by Philip “Mondoweiss” Weiss against FDL truly surprises me. Then again, considering things like this and this, maybe it shouldn’t. (Jane’s been all over this, by the way.) Siun and frequent FDL commenter Philip Munger have responded with facts that dismantle the attacks and the cherry-picked quotes, and their responses have been allowed to stand — yet I notice that neither Weiss nor any of his regular commenters or writers have, as of this writing (4:36 pm Eastern Time) dared to reply to either Siun or Edward.

4 Responses to “Annals Of Huh?!?!”

  1. annie said

    fyi, now that the posts are moderated @ mondoweiss there’s always a delay and they tend to show up in batches. i posted a comment as soon as i saw the post. no one had to dare me either.

    good day.

  2. Charles II said

    Without taking the time to fully inform myself on the catfight between Siun and Weiss, my guess is that this comes down to semantics.

    In one of the links, Weiss complains that FDL discourages the use of the term “Zionism”. I wouldn’t be surprised. Ever since the UN passed the subsequently revoked resolution 3379, which equated Zionism to racism, Israelis have been ultrasensitive to the use of the term “Zionism”… even though it is a term used for a century by Israelis themselves to describe the religious nationalism peculiar to Israel.

    Aside from Israelis, the term is used by supporters of the Palestinians as a kind of generic term to recall all of the abuses committed by the state of Israel, as documented in the Goldstone Report and other sources. So, the term itself can be guaranteed to generate rants, with no guarantee of any substance emerging therefrom. I could well understand if FDL was curt about the matter.

    It’s not clear to me that Zionism is responsible for anything in particular, besides generating a kind of chauvinistic blindness to the consequences of one’s actions. One could say the same about Christian nationalism and Islamic nationalism as well. Nationalism is very often a pernicious force, and when mixed with religion, even worse. American ideas of Manifest Destiny, which still govern the way we treat Latin America, are as bad as anything Israel has done to the Palestinians. Osama bin Laden is an Islamic nationalist, though one should note that there are also far less toxic examples. But how sad that the spirit of the world’s monotheistic religions, when embodied in a state, turns into the opposite of what the spirit would suggest.

    At any rate, this sounds like one more of what someone near and dear to me called “time-wasting behavior” (I think 手抜き, tenuki, or, more colloquially, “loafing.”)

    • If it’s a “catfight”, the fighting is all on one side, and it’s not on Siun’s. Siun was utterly blindsided by this attack — one which, it is suspected, came from a Seminal commenter who is believed to have used at least two different sockpuppets and is known for hijacking threads and complaining that Siun’s front-paged posts somehow don’t count when it comes to covering I/P issues.

      • Charles II said

        Catfights only require one cat, PW. I really am not assigning blame. I believe that understanding why there’s tension between factions is more important than having an opinion on the merits of their arguments.

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