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Veterans Administration For The Win

Posted by Phoenix Woman on September 14, 2010

Spocko Tweeted the link to this Palm Beach Post story:

Maggots have been discovered in the eye socket of a 76-year-old man under the care of a Gainesville nursing home with ownership ties to Palm Beach County and the Treasure Coast, his outraged daughter said.


The Gainesville nursing home is part of a chain that includes Glades Health Care Center in Pahokee, controlled by the family of executive Maxcine Darville of Okeechobee. An investigation by The Palm Beach Post last year found Darville and family members enjoyed salaries above industry norms and spent money on luxury cars and hot tubs while two of three nursing homes in the chain, including the Gainesville home, received the lowest possible one-star rating from state regulators.


A Veterans Administration official confirmed the agency filed a report with the Adult Protective Services unit of the Florida Department of Children and Families.

“Please note that the discussed veteran was not under VA care when this matter occurred at this non-VA nursing home,” said VA spokeswoman Cindy Gaylord in an e-mail. “The veteran was brought to our medical center for care and shortly thereafter, the issue was forwarded to Adult Protective Services, Department of Children/Family Service for investigation.”

Exactly. The problem was only discovered when the man was brought to the VA for treatment.

2 Responses to “Veterans Administration For The Win”

  1. Charles II said

    Proof that when you think that things can’t get any worse, they can.

    God help this country.

  2. Stormcrow said

    This is happening in Washington state, too.

    All over the place.

    The story was on the front page of yesterday’s Seattle Times. The front page of the dead tree edition.

    Here’s the link to the online copy: Hundreds of adult homes conceal abuse, neglect.

    Here’s the fun part: the Seattle Times is a rag. Strictly toilet paper. The now-defunct Post Intelligencer, while it was still alive and kicking, was the local paper that did the investigative journalism. Not the Times.

    What that tells me is that this sort of abuse is so blatant and so omnipresent that you don’t need any particular special effort to run up the story.

    Welcome to the Third World.

    Because Third World squalor is exactly where most of the population is heading. Very quickly and predictably. Ian Welsh had a new piece up about this just today: Yes Virginia, SS can be cut.

    The thing is, scapegoating works.

    Particularly in the Land of the Formerly Free.

    So don’t expect anger over these crimes to be directed against the criminal moneyswine who commit them.

    Instead, it’ll be diverted to strike against just exactly the targets which we see being hit right now: the American Muslim population and the Hispanics.

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