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The attempted coup in Ecuador

Posted by Charles II on October 1, 2010

Thanks to PW for bringing to my attention the attempted coup in Ecuador.

According to Rebelion, based on Venezuelan journalism, President Correa was kidnapped and held for 10 hours at the Police Hospital, being released around 9:30PM (September 30th). There was a violent battle between police and the military, which began at 8:46 and lasted until 9:25PM. The police who kidnapped him claimed that he hadn’t raised salaries. According to the BBC, elements of the military were also involved in violent protests against cuts to benefits. There was looting in Guayaquil, and banks were robbed. The Cubans (i.e., Jean-Guy Allard) say that US intelligence put the police up to it. Al Giordano has video. He says:

But, kind reader, do you know why this is even happening? Because the same unholy alliance of Latin American oligarchs who can’t stomach the rising wave of democracy in their countries – from the ex-Cubans of Miami to the ex-Venezuelans and others who have joined them in recent years – along with international crime organizations seeking new refuges and members of extreme rightist groups in the United States and elsewhere, saw their scheme work in 2009 in Honduras and took note of how quickly, after US President Barack Obama denounced the Honduras coup, his Secretary of State Hillary Clinton began playing both sides of it.

It was this newspaper, through reporter Bill Conroy’s investigations, that broke the story last August that the State Department-controlled Millennium Challenge Corporation had poured extraordinary amounts of money into Honduras in the months leading up to the June 29, 2009 coup d’etat. And in story after story, we demonstrated with documented fact how Clinton’s Millennium Challenge Corporation went so far as to violate the ban on US aid to the Honduran coup regime. Clinton’s later endorsement of farcical presidential elections and her over-reaching attempts to pretend nothing had happened in Honduras are precisely the signals that were received by today’s coup plotters in Ecuador when they made a run at toppling the democratic government there.

I actually think that the orders for the Honduras coup came from within our military, obedient as ever to our own oligarchy rather than to our president. But Hillary sure joined in readily enough. This particular coup looks as if it may have been set in play by the Ecuadoran opposition, perhaps with US support, perhaps not. After all, just as with the Chavez coup, you don’t have to actually remove a president to seriously derail what he is trying to accomplish. I don’t believe that Chavez would have ended up as a potential autocrat had he not been kidnapped and threatened with death. This whole “soft coup” theory that has been deployed against Aristide, Chavez, and Zelaya is a new animal, and very dangerous.

The US media will ignore the story, try to minimize the threat Correa faced, or try to make out Correa as somehow being at fault. But Latin Americans would do well to mark this. The United States has declared war against Latin American democracy. If people want to remain free, they had better stop relying on their leaders and start building movements through education from the ground up.

3 Responses to “The attempted coup in Ecuador”

  1. Thanks for doing the followup on this, Charles. I wasn’t able to, and I knew that you’d know the background on this better than I would.

    • Charles II said

      Thanks, but actually, I did a half-a–ed ten minute scan (crazy busy). The background on the police rebellion and its likely instigation by Lucio Gutierrez, the possible role of US intelligence, the question of whether Correa taunted the police in a manner that provoked extreme action or (more likely) that there is a larger story here behind his dramatic challenge to them… all these things will have to be figured out by someone else. But Americans must know what is being done in Latin America.

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