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The Hill Thinks Donations Made By Americans Living Overseas (Or Working For American Outlets Of Foreign Companies) Are “Foreign Money”.

Posted by Phoenix Woman on October 18, 2010

That’s the pretzel logic behind their latest efforts to rush to the defense of the Republicans, this time over the foreign-donations scandal:

See the obvious dots that The Hill is trying to connect? It’s trying to suggest because Democrats have accused GOP-friendly attack groups, such as the U.S. Chamber of Commerce, of possibly using money foreign donations to help influence U.S. elections in the form of paying for relentless attacks ads targeting Democrats, that there’s some double standard in play because Democrats have cashed checks from “foreign-affiliated” PACs.

But of course there’s no comparison between the two. None. 

The questions that continue to swirl around the Chamber revolve around unknown donors who may live in foreign countries giving undisclosed amounts.

As for the PACs in question? Behold [emphasis added]:

The PACS are funded entirely by contributions from U.S. employees of subsidiaries of foreign companies. All of the contributions are made public under Federal Elections Commission rules, and the PACs affiliated with the subsidiaries of foreign corporations are governed by the same rules that American firms’ PACs or other PACs would face.

Like I said, this is The Hill trying to connect non-existent dots. And I’m sure the GOP and right-wing bloggers are happy to watch. 

Your GOP/Media Complex in action, folks.

(UPDATE: Thanks to ClassicLiberal2 for the correction.)

2 Responses to “The Hill Thinks Donations Made By Americans Living Overseas (Or Working For American Outlets Of Foreign Companies) Are “Foreign Money”.”

  1. Actually, those donations aren’t from “Americans living overseas”; they’re from Americans living in the U.S. (but who happen to work for U.S. subsidiaries of foreign companies). People who work in Toyota plants in San Antonio.

    The Hill article is squid’s ink, unleashed for no other purpose than to cloud the story of the huge amounts of money pouring into the elections. More money, in many cases, than is being spent by the candidates or parties. Money which is of unknown origin, and which is (mostly) being used to aid Republicans.

    The story the Hill “uncovered,” on the other hand, is about American citizens legally donating to legally-established PACs, who fully disclose those donations then legally contribute them to candidates, who, again, fully disclose the contribution.

    Some “scandal,” eh?

    It was intended to cloud the issue of these outside groups helping Republicans, and, in fact, Republican supporters have seized on it (exactly as they were supposed to do) and have spent the last two days calling Democrats “hypocrites” based on it.

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