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Winners And Losers

Posted by Phoenix Woman on November 3, 2010

The biggest losers so far: The American people. Sit tight, everyone.

The biggest losers on Capitol Hill: the Blue Dogs, who lost over half their warm bodies last night and are now down to 26 members.

The biggest winners: The GOP — but not for long, because of the infighting that’s just erupted. To wit:

The biggest losers on the GOP side: the teabaggers, whose myth of electoral omnipotence got smashed just as hard as the Blue Dogs did: Tea Party Republicans won 36 House races, but lost 76. They also won three Senate seats but lost three other Senate races. Even better, the Republican leadership, via their friends at such establishment GOP mouthpieces as The Daily Caller, are spreading the news of the teabaggers’ electoral leprosy in order to keep Michele Bachmann from thinking she can use her Tea Party Caucus to shake down John Boehner for a leadership gig.

The biggest winners on the Democratic side: The House’s Progressive Caucus, which — unlike the Blue Dogs — is going to grow, not shrink, come January.

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The use of death squads in Iraq

Posted by Charles II on November 3, 2010

This bit of history is so old that we last blogged about it on Blogger; credit to Robert Fisk for bringing it out back in ’06.

Gareth Porter:

The strategy involved the deliberate deployment of Shi’a and Kurdish police commandoes in areas of Sunni insurgency in the full knowledge that they were torturing Sunni detainees, as the reports released by Wikileaks show.

That strategy inflamed Sunni fears of Shi’a rule and was a major contributing factor to the rise of al Qaeda’s influence in the Sunni areas. The escalating Sunni-Shi’a violence it produced led to the massive sectarian warfare of 2006 in Baghdad in which tens of thousands of civilians – mainly Sunnis – were killed.

The strategy of using primarily Shi’a and Kurdish military and police commando units to suppress Sunni insurgents was adopted after a key turning point in the war in April 2004, when Civil Defence Corps units throughout the Sunni region essentially disappeared overnight during an insurgent offensive.

Two months later, the U.S. military command issued “FRAGO [fragmentary order] 242”, which provided that no investigation of detainee abuse by Iraqis was to be conducted unless directed by the headquarters of the command, according to references to the order in the Wikileaks documents.

The order came immediately after Gen. Petraeus took command of the new Multi-National Security Transition Command in Iraq (MNSTC-I). It was a clear signal that the U.S. command expected torture of prisoners to be a central feature of Iraqi military and police operations against Sunni insurgents.

So, US strategy– promoted by David Petraeus–is to start a civil war through the use of death squads. This will create the Iraqi franchise of al Qaeda, which previously did not exist there. Then Petraeus can cut a strategy with the Sunnis to defeat al Qaeda by offering to stop having the death squads torture and kill them.

And now in the minds of millions of Americans, David Petraeus is a genius, a hero, and perhaps even a presidential candidate.

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