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Olbermann Suspension: Lunacy Or Kowtowing?

Posted by Phoenix Woman on November 6, 2010

Matt Taibbi says:

Just quickly: I just found out about the suspension of Keith Olbermann for making political contributions. NBC apparently has some policy prohibiting journalists from donating to candidates, so they suspended him indefinitely without pay.


We had a whole generation of journalists who sat by and did nothing while, for instance, George Bush led us into an idiotic war on a lie, plus thousands more who spent day after day collecting checks by covering Britney’s hair and Tiger’s text messages and other stupidities while the economy blew up and two bloody wars went on mostly unexamined… and it’s Keith Olbermann who should “pay the price” for being unethical? Because, and let me get this straight, he donated money, privately, to politicians?

Yup. As have CNBC’s Larry Kudlow, NBC’s Mary Murray, and several other NBC family employees.

But is this really about donations — or is there another reason? Like, perhaps, this?

Comcast is in line to acquire control of NBC Universal, once regulators sign off on the $30 billion deal. Mr. Chernin asked Mr. Roberts how he planned to handle daily editorial control of such an immense news operation. “Are you saying that you’ll never interfere?” he asked.

Mr. Roberts blanched slightly at the question, which included a hypothetical situation that had Keith Olbermann, an MSNBC host, attacking a couple of Republican congressmen just as the approvals were being finished.

“Let’s have that conversation in six months or 12 months,” Mr. Roberts said.

That, by the way, was in May of this year. Six months ago.

2 Responses to “Olbermann Suspension: Lunacy Or Kowtowing?”

  1. Charles II said

    On Friday, their servers were apparently so choked with mail that they were rejecting it.

    So, I sent it the old fashioned way.


  2. Charles II said

    To commenter “Mark”: we’d love to post your completely ridiculous comment about Olbermann in order to laugh at it.

    But we don’t publish commercial spam. The decision, in your case, was made by the anti-spam software, so apparently you’ve succeeded in p–sing off WordPress.

    However, I will point out that Olbermann is MSNBC’s most highly rated host (sometimes edged out by Maddow and vying with Lawrence O’Donnell), scoring higher than Republican Joe Scarborough.

    Lying, as you have done, is not a Dale Carnegie strategy.

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