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Posted by Phoenix Woman on November 7, 2010

One of the darkly amusing things of late has been to hear talk of a “Plato purge” at DFL headquarters. Ironically enough, much of this talk seems to be driven by people who live in abject fear of the lefty purity police. But I digress.

The idea is that since it’s obviously — in their minds — the local party’s fault that the local lege flipped (as did nearly twenty other state leges in this massive GOP wave year, but hey, let’s not look into that), then the local party bigwigs must go (and just maybe, maybe, be replaced, of course by the purge advocates and/or their allies?).

Well, I was reminded the other day by Javier Morillo-Alicea that this talk is all somewhat moot, if not downright silly.

Much as a Democratic president or presidential nominee is considered the de facto head of the national Democratic Party, the person who won the Democratic Farmer-Labor nomination holds a similar position in the DFL. In other words, any decisions about who stays and who goes will be made by that person and his/her close associates. Period.

Whatever happens at Plato Boulevard in the coming weeks and months, it won’t be a glorious purge. Some people will leave, some people will come in to replace them, new-media-savvy people will have higher priority than before, but it won’t be what the purgers (many of whom seemed to have been quite happy with the DFL bigwigs when it was their candidates that were riding high at the time) want or expect. Besides, the GOP’s House majority is broad but very, very shallow: If 700 votes in key races had gone the other way, the DFL would still hold the House. That’s 700 votes out of over 3 million votes cast.

Oh, and as for the lefty purity police? Well, we Professional Lefties don’t need to go around hollering for a purge, locally or nationally, because guess what? The majority of the people we might have targeted have, to our utter non-surprise, managed to purge themselves despite our having warned them for months on the danger they were in thanks to their weak-tea actions and inactions on the weak economy, which was and is most Americans’ main concern. (They still had a chance, one last chance, when they had the unemployment benefits extension bill in front of them — and they blew it.) In the meantime, with the Blue Dogs and other DINOs having taken the brunt of voter disappointment, the House Progressive Caucus is poised to grow and to be a lot stronger than it was a week ago.

And that is that.

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