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Yet Another Reason To Back Keeping Pelosi

Posted by Phoenix Woman on November 8, 2010

The Blue Dog challenging her, Heath Shuler, is an anti-choice dipwad, and a C Streeter:

Shuler is also anti-choice, with an 85 percent rating from the National Right to Life Committee.  And he’s proud of it.  I’m not sure whether this is “worse,” but according to Jeff Sharlet, he also is a member of the “C Street crowd.” He of course voted for the Stupak Amendment in the health reform bill, but after it was in there, opposed passage of the final bill

There’s more at the link.

For why The Family and C Street are a problem, go here.

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Conventional wisdom on housing crisis challenged

Posted by Charles II on November 8, 2010

Kim Reuben and Serena Lei of The Tax Policy Center, present a synopsis of papers at the Lincoln Institute/Urban-Brookings conference which challenge what we think we know about the housing crisis:

• While easy credit did motivate homebuyers, its effect was not sufficiently strong to fully account for the housing boom. [only one-fifth of the boom is accounted for by interest rates]
• The housing market downturn was largely predictable, but only by looking at state-level
rather than national data.
• Although state budgets have been battered by fallout from the recession in the form of
lower income and sales tax revenue [down 15%], these declines have been triggered more by the broader economic downturn than by the collapse in housing markets.
• Local governments seem to have been largely spared the severe budget shortfalls
plaguing many states. While housing prices have fallen, property taxes have held up fairly
well—supporting city budgets while other revenue sources have shrunk. However, there
is great geographic variation in these results. [This is not necessarily surprising. Unless homes are abandoned or homeowners stop payment entirely, taxes continue to get paid. However, there have been huge costs associated with protecting abandoned properties.]

Worth reading in detail.

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Time To Update The Blog Sidebar (If I Can)

Posted by Phoenix Woman on November 8, 2010

With this lovely widget courtesy of The UpTake:

We’ve whipped up a widget that pulls the latest numbers from Emmer/
Dayton canvassing from the Secretary of State’s website.

Feel free to embed it on your site and elsewhere.

I confirmed with the SOS office that the counties WILL be updating
their numbers on the Secretary of State’s website as they are

This is version one of the widget. We’ll be adding something that
will indicate what percentage of the vote has been canvassed (or
recounted). If you embed this one, it will automatically upgrade with
the new functions.

Video wise, you’re always welcome to embed our player from

Watching canvassing boards or recounts is like watching paint dry
until something happens. Hours of boredom followed by minutes of


Well, I’ve tried embedding it and I can’t, so you’ll just have to visit the Recount Widget site itself. Arrrgh!

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