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Tony The Toddler Breaks Out Of His Pen

Posted by Phoenix Woman on November 12, 2010

Well, well, well. It looks as if Tony Sutton, who we last saw talking trash about Minnesota Supreme Court judges such as former Chief Justice Eric Magnuson, and who went oddly silent once Magnuson was hired for the recount by Tom Emmer’s legal team, has managed to get away from his handlers again and is babbling something about planned legal action to end the week:

“We are exploring filing some papers tomorrow and we will talk more about the specifics tomorrow,” Party chairman Tony Sutton said Thursday night.

Ooooh, he’s “exploring filing some papers”! Quick, get the smelling salts!

The scuttlebutt is that the alleged legal filing Sutton threatens may exist only as a way for him to control the news cycle heading into the weekend — there’s nothing going on as yet to rate any sort of filing, much less one that justifies having all of the Minnesota media camped breathlessly outside the Toddler’s playpen office waiting for him to throw them some scraps. My legal contacts are scratching their heads over this — and wondering how long somebody as stand-up as Eric Magnuson will tolerate being associated with what looks to be silly grandstanding and frivolity.

My own guess is that this is, along with an attempt to dominate the news cycle, an effort to distract the local media from other, more pressing issues and actions. I’m wondering what sort of hanky-panky is going on that this trick of the Toddler’s is meant to distract us from noticing?

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