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Posted by Charles II on November 13, 2010

For those who admire the work of Paul Farmer’s Partners in Health, Sixty Minutes is doing a segment on their work in Haiti this Sunday: here.

Dr. David Walton has been working with “Partners in Health” in Haiti for over a decade and talks to Byron Pitts about the cholera outbreak in the earthquake-stricken country. Pitts reports Haiti this Sunday, Nov. 14, at 7 p.m. ET/PT.

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365AM: A Story About the War You Were Never Meant to See

Posted by Phoenix Woman on November 13, 2010

Especially if you’re an American:

The backstory:

In the winter of 2008, two days after Christmas, Israel launched one of its deadliest and most controversial wars. Whilst preventing the people of Gaza from fleeing the territory, it proceeded to rain missiles down on them using some of the most sophisticated weaponry available. Trapped with them, were the only two foreign reporters inside Gaza at the time. They found themselves locked inside a war zone as the only voices able to reach the English-speaking world. This is their incredible, and as yet untold, story.

Ayman Mohyeldin, a 30-year old American citizen and Sherine Tadros, a 29-year old British national lived through the war – for three weeks reporting for Al Jazeera English amidst an international media blackout.

Now, they want to tell others what they witnessed – raw and uncut. 365 AM will stimulate audiences with exclusive footage and images captured in different formats from professional cameras to mobile phones. The film draws on powerful images from over 100 hours of footage, mostly from Al Jazeera English, and never-before-seen personal video of Ayman and Sherine during the war.

Go here to learn more.

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Honduran Dictatorship, Day 307

Posted by Charles II on November 13, 2010

RAJ linked an important blog post by Jonathan Glennie that appeared in The Guardian on how charitable aid is often used destructively as a means of control by national governments, with Honduras as Exhibit A.

You could be forgiven for thinking, as you read development blogs and articles, that we are all on the same side. You’re likely to read about partnerships, win-wins, and technological breakthroughs. Disputes and conflict? Those are on the international relations pages.

Development, it is implied, is about managing things better, coming up with good ideas, all working towards the common goal of poverty eradication, as agreed by our heads of state.

Wrong. Development is political….

The coup ringleaders claim that they acted in the interests of the people by scuppering plans for illegal constitutional reform. This is, of course, nonsense. They acted to prevent the redistribution of wealth and opportunity.

The statistics the article cites are sobering. (continues below the fold)
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