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The Most Open Administration in History

Posted by Charles II on November 14, 2010

Read the following with the understanding that the Bush Administration suppressed this as well. But things like this make one wonder whether the DoJ under Eric Holder has improved since the days of Alberto Gonzales. Denial of legitimate FOIAs is illegal, not a good thing for the nation’s top law enforcement agency to be engaged in.

From the National Security Archive, an invaluable independent organization which seeks to pry things loose from the archives of the national security state:

Washington, DC, November 13, 2010 – The Department of Justice censored dozens of pages of a candid history of Nazi-hunting (and Nazi-protecting) by the U.S. government to such a self-defeating extent that former officials leaked the entire document to the New York Times this week, instead of fulfilling the Freedom of Information request and lawsuit filed by the National Security Archive and its counsel David Sobel.

“Now that we can compare the redacted document with the complete text of the original report, it is clear that the Justice Department is withholding information without legal justification,” said David Sobel. “For an administration – and an Attorney General – supposedly committed to an ‘unprecedented’ level of transparency, this case provides a troubling example of how far the reality is from the rhetoric.”

The National Security Archive submitted its FOIA request for the history of the Office of Special Investigations in November 2009, only to be denied by the Justice Department on grounds that the document – although completed in 2006 and never revised since then – was only a draft and was “predecisional” and therefore withholdable under the 5th exemption to the FOIA.

3 Responses to “The Most Open Administration in History”

  1. It’s the whole “national security state” garbage. We’ve known for decades that the same people who worked for Hitler at Peenemunde were gathered up and plopped down into various labs in the US, and later became the core of NASA. Yet the security culture is strong and self-perpetuating.

    • Charles II said

      Well, I would like a president who genuinely intends to change the culture of Washington, which increasingly resembles an illegitimate state, its actions not supported even by those who vote for it.

      • Indeed. Unfortunately, this one seems to have an inferiority complex engendered by not having served in the military, so he lets the Pentagon and the spy chiefs push him around.

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