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Tom Hackbarth: Adulterer, Girlfriend Stalker, Clinic Attack Plotter?

Posted by Phoenix Woman on November 25, 2010

It’s really, really hard to look at the recent exploits of Tom Hackbarth, the Republican state representative for District 48A (Cedar), and find an explanation that is anything other than creepy, if not downright sinister.

It seems that back on November 16, the anti-choice Hackbarth, who was openly carrying and displaying a loaded pistol on his waist, parked his truck next to the Planned Parenthood clinic on Ford Parkway in Highland Park. Since the clinic is under constant video and other surveillance in order to thwart attempts by anti-choicers to commit violence against it or the people who enter it, he was spotted immediately and police were on the scene to talk to him.

At that point, things got very interesting very quickly.

Hackbarth got very agitated when he was questioned at the scene, to the point where the cops thought it advisable to handcuff him and take away his gun — which, since he has a permit for concealed carry, was later returned to him. The cops described his behavior as like that of a stalker.

What was the eight-term legislator doing with a gun hanging around a Planned Parenthood clinic? Hackbarth, who says he is in the midst of a divorce, said he was looking for a woman he met online, someone he thought was cheating on him:

“She gave me some line of baloney, and I thought, ‘well, she’s fibbing to me.’ You could tell, and I thought, ‘well, I’m going to check it out.’ and I went there to see if she was around and her vehicle was not there.”

Interestingly enough, Hackbarth was unable to provide a phone number, street address, e-mail address, or even a last name for his internet girlfriend, whom he would only identify as “Linda”.

The incident has cost Hackbarth his position within the Republican leadership in the House, at least for now. We’ll see what happens next.

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Now Be Thankful

Posted by Phoenix Woman on November 25, 2010

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