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Why Is Norm Coleman Not After Michael Steele’s Job?

Posted by Phoenix Woman on November 28, 2010

This is interesting:

[Norm] Coleman said in a C-SPAN interview scheduled to be broadcast Sunday that he would not challenge Steele if he decides to run for a second term. “I am not here to do any battles with our chairman; he is a friend,” Coleman said.

Considering that Norm’s been angling for the job for years, even before he lost to Al Franken, this is a rather noteworthy volte-face.

What made Norm decide not to go for it? Would the name “Kazeminy” be a clue? Or “Blo-and-Go“?

4 Responses to “Why Is Norm Coleman Not After Michael Steele’s Job?”

  1. Charles II said

    I’ll start printing the Norm Coleman for President bumper stickers.

  2. Wege said

    A little late but when I read about that the article I saw was carefully parsed to indicate that Coleman had no interest so long as Steele was running.

    I think it’s safe to say that Michael Steele won’t be running, and that Norm will allow his name to be placed into nomination after Steele withdraws.

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