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One Good Thing About the MN Recount

Posted by MEC on November 29, 2010

The insightful and entertaining winerev is providing detailed accounts of the Recount Follies.

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So Much For Emmer’s Taking The High Road

Posted by Phoenix Woman on November 29, 2010

Before this morning, Tom Emmer had put on his Boy Scout uniform and sworn to be thrifty, brave, clean, reverent, and to respect the will of the people once the recount was done.

Of course, as Sally Jo Sorensen points out at Bluestem Prairie, that lasted, oh, maybe half a nanosecond once the recount actually started.

At nine o’clock am CST today, Emmer and Company promptly ditched the Boy Scout uniform to reveal their Sith robes underneath, and started making frivolous challenges at an insanely fast clip. As The UpTake would Tweet this afternoon, referencing Dayton recount director Ken Martin: “98% of all frivolous challenges and 90% of all challenges have come from Emmer.”

And what has been accomplished by all of these frivolous challenges, other than to slow down the vote recount? Not very much, if you’re an Emmer fan. Again, per Ken Martin via The UpTake: “21% of votes in state have been counted with a net gain of 37 votes for Dayton: (Dayton receiving 88, Emmer receiving 51)”.

Give it up, Tommy.

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Honduran dictatorship, Day 323

Posted by Charles II on November 29, 2010

I wish I had time to listen in detail to and analyze the reaction to the Wikileaks revelations on Honduras, but here’s what I have time for.

Tiempo gave it pretty straight coverage, with the main piece being headlined Military, Courts, and Congress Conspired to Deliver the Coup d’Etat Against Zelaya (the article mistakenly says that the Llorens cable came one week after the coup). Tiempo also replays the interview Zelaya gave to Telesur, in which he denounces the duplicity of the US, and promises to denounce the US before international tribunals as a human rights violator which knew what was going on was wrong and covered it up. And it has an editorial on press freedom and impunity of the elites which manages to get deep into discerning God’s will without explaining exactly what the thunder and lightning is about.

To its credit, El Heraldo seems to have played it reasonably straight (I haven’t parsed it in detail, but it seems to me they soften the edges of Llorens’ comments)

Zelaya has released a letter, printed at Vos. Vos also reprints La Jornada which has this interesting claim about the Wikileaks documents: “details about ‘certain movements of the US’ during the coup which displaced Manuel Zelaya in Honduras, as well as confirmations of the dimplomatic hostility in Washington toward the governments of Hugo Chavez in Venelzuela and of Cristina Fernandez in Argentina.” (emphasis added). Lllorens’ memo is not a “movement” nor does it describe any movements.

Radio Globo at this hour is mostly going on about military movements, presumably having to do with the violence being inflicted against peasants in Bajo Aguan, for which see Adrienne (300-400 soldiers sent to Colon; a report of many campesinos murdered by Miguel Facusse’s forces).

Democracy Now, oddly, had almost nothing to say about Honduras, just a short squib in the headlines.

Continuing an unbroken string of many months, the State Dept said nothing.

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