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Hold Onto Your Hats

Posted by Phoenix Woman on December 1, 2010

Remember Jeremy Giefer, the guy who a) knocked up a 14-year-old, b) married her, then c) started molesting the daughter he sired off of his child bride? And the guy who d) got a Pawlenty pardon for the first molestation even though e) Pawlenty said he’d never ever pardon sex offenders?

Well, there’s an f) to all of this, courtesy of City Pages’ Nick Pinto:

One reason Giefer wanted his record cleared [via the pardon Pawlenty gave him]? His wife wanted to open a childcare center in the house where they live–the same house where Giefer allegedly molested his young daughter throughout the six years prior.


As it turns out, Giefert’s wife — the woman he pled guilty to statutorily raping in 1994 — had already opened a family childcare center next door to their Vernon Center home two months earlier, according to state licensing information.




Do I even have to tell you all about how predators seeking to molest children love to try to get daycare permits?




4 Responses to “Hold Onto Your Hats”

  1. epic fail…

  2. Charles II said

    Has Pawlenty given any explanation whatsoever for why Giefer’s plea rose to his attention?

    I bet that would make a very interesting story.

    Added: a commenter at Bluestem Prairie says the AP picked up the story and credited BSP. For major media to do such a thing is so extraordinary that it deserves mention. After getting off the floor after fainting.

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