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Honduran dictatorship, day 329

Posted by Charles II on December 5, 2010

When you think it can’t get sillier, it does. It has gone beyond silly when I am feeling sorry for the US Ambassador to Honduras, Hugo Llorens.

Llorens wrote a cable in July, 2009, saying the Honduran coup was illegal. So, what will the Republicans do? Kevin Bogardus, The Hill:

…the cable has set off a new round of aspersions from the likely next chairman of the House Western Hemisphere subcommittee, Rep. Connie Mack (R-Fla.), who said Llorens was “part of the problem, not the solution.”

“If I am fortunate enough to be the chair of the committee, we are going to continue to look into the actions of the ambassador in Honduras. I don’t think he played the appropriate role. The ambassador should not be on the ground trying to manipulate the outcome,” Mack told The Hill….

“There is no one with a straight face that can call this a military coup. It is disingenuous,” Mack said….

In his interview with The Hill, Mack repeated his earlier calls for Llorens to step aside.

See? When you find out that the facts aren’t on your side, fire the messenger.

Things continue to decline. A Nationalist Congressman was gunned down with automatic weapons. According to Tiempo, thirty three year old Juan de Jesus Madrid Deras was killed by 10 shots fired from AK47, M15, and M16 weapons. Thirty shots hit his car.

The ASJ, Asociacion para una Sociedad mas Justa, a centrist Christian organization, has received threats, reports Revistazo. One of their lawyers was kidnapped and held for 40 minutes.


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Best health care system in the world (for insurers)

Posted by Charles II on December 5, 2010

Via Barry Ritholtz.

JA Meyer has two charts that should put the STFU on right-wingers on health care issues.

First, under which presidents have health care costs spiraled out of control? And how do our costs compare with other nations?

Second, what do we get for our insurance premiums?

Some of the lowest life expectancies in the developed world. With a little work, we could catch up with Korea.

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Is the US back in the assassination game?

Posted by Charles II on December 5, 2010

Julian Borger and Saeed Kamali Dehgan, The Guardian:

At 7.40am last Monday, in north Tehran’s Aghdasieh district, a motorcycle threaded its way through the long lines of cars on Artesh Boulevard. It edged up to a silver Peugeot 405, hesitating alongside for moment, before moving off into the maze of vehicles. A few seconds later there was a bang from the side of the Peugeot, as a small bomb stuck on to the window detonated, killing one of the men inside. The driver and a woman passenger were wounded.

At the same time, a few kilometres to the west, an identical attack was under way. …

The dead man was Majid Shahriari, a senior Iranian nuclear scientist. …

The wounded man, Fereydoun Abbasi, was a 52-year-old nuclear scientist working for Iran’s defence ministry, one of “Iran’s few experts on fissile isotopes and the ministry’s laser expert”….

The attacks had clear echoes of the unsolved assassination in January this year of one of their colleagues, particle physicist Masoud Alimohammadi. …

there were any doubts after Alimohammadi’s killing back in January, there could be none after last week’s double attack. Someone is trying to kill nuclear scientists linked to Iran’s defence establishment – the people most likely to be involved in the covert side of Iran’s nuclear programme, the making of nuclear weapons.

In the febrile atmosphere of Iranian underground politics, speculation quickly spread that the dark forces of the state were at work against would-be dissidents, leakers or defectors, but those rumours quickly evaporated. The Islamic Republic has many other ways of taking people it suspects out of circulation. It has little to gain by sacrificing the nation’s must strategic asset – its nuclear know-how, the teachers of a new generation of atomic scientists.

Yes, Mossad contractors may be doing the work. But does the responsibility for these murders rest closer to home?

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Censor THIS, Short Ride! Over 200 WikiLeaks Fans Set Up Mirror Sites

Posted by Phoenix Woman on December 5, 2010

Let’s see them try to shut down over 200 WikiLeaks mirror sites around the globe. And if anything bad happens to Assange, expect that number to mushroom.

Here’s the list of mirror sites (“Spiegel” is German for “mirror”):

Oh, and if anything bad does happen to Assange or to WikiLeaks, their supporters are ready, willing and able to unleash the “history insurance” option, all two gigabytes of it.

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