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Paging Mr. Spock!

Posted by Charles II on December 11, 2010

Via Lawrence Lewis on DK, Chinese scientists have gone a step down the road toward teleportation. They send two qubits, the elementary unit of quantum information (this could be physically realized as light polarized vertically and polarized horizontally, two electrons in an orbital, or other correlated states), along different paths. But the states of the two qubits are entangled. That is, even though they are spatially separated, they influence one another… analogous to the way that two magnets which are not touching can still push one another.

The device they built is called a C-NOT gate and could be useful in building quantum computers that would process at the speed of light. In understanding the diagram, UV means ultraviolet light, BBO is a beta-barium-borate electro-optical modulator or Pockels cell, PBS is a particle beam splitter, and BSM is a Bell system measurement device, which decides what state a particle is in.


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