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Posted by Phoenix Woman on December 16, 2010

Spotty of The Cucking Stool reminds us that not every charge lodged against a prominent person we don’t like is necessarily true:

Walter Liggett was a muckraking journalist in the Twin Cities, a contemporary of Jay Near, whom I have written about several times. When Liggett did some reporting on the connection between the crime syndicate of Kid Cann and the administration of Floyd B. Olson, allegations of sexual impropriety were lodged against Liggett:

Soon after alleging links between the criminal syndicate of Kid Cann and the administration of Minnesota Governor Floyd B. Olson, Liggett was beaten up, prosecuted on trumped-up kidnapping and sodomy charges (and acquitted), and finally died after being machine gunned in the alley behind his apartment on December 9, 1935, in view of his wife and two children. All witnesses, his wife Edith in particular, identified Cann as the shooter, but Cann was acquitted.

This is most probably a case of a highly effective disinformation campaign by western intelligence services, including the CIA. Calling Assange a rapist – especially at this point in the proceedings – is irresponsible and slanderous.

Liggett’s case is especially relevant as, like Assange, he was not particularly discreet in his targets: He irritated people of all classes, parties and creeds. This caused people to write him and his family off as crazy people. With Assange, one has the extra added hate-factor of opposing US imperial will, something that causes people to go utterly unhinged with hatred.

Just as political influence can be brought to bear to hush up actual sex crimes, it can also be used to invent fake ones (or manipulate actual ones) for the purpose of political gain.

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