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Just Because I Can

Posted by Phoenix Woman on December 17, 2010

Por el camino del desierto / El viento me despeina
Sube el aroma de colita / Luna, luna de nadie
Ella a lo lejos / Una luz centela
La idea de mi estar

Quedar por la noche / Alli estaba a la entrada
Y las campanas a sonar / Y me di con llamarme mismo
Que es puerta del cielo / Ella enciende una vela
En muestra del camino / Suenan voces en el corredor
Y lo que indican diciend

(In English)

Welcome to the Hotel California
Such a lovely place / Such a lovely place

Welcome to the Hotel California
Such a lovely place / Such a lovely place

Ella al lado que brillaba / Tenia una Mercedes
Rodeada de chicos guapos / Ella llamaba amigos

Cuando viene despacio / Del tumba de verano
Aquel era pa recordar / Y otro pa olvidar

Le pedi al capitan / Que sirve el vino
Y pedi con un amor / Tenido este alcohol
De este sesenta y nueve / Famosa y que llamando
Pues me va a despertar / La noche para decir

Welcome to the Hotel California
Such a lovely place / Such a lovely place

Welcome to the Hotel California
Such a lovely place / Such a lovely place


El espejo en el techo / Champana en el hielo
Y ella dijo somos todos prisioneros / De propia voluntad
Y en los cuartos principales / Hacen sucias esta
Hasta aca a la bestia / Pero no la logra a matar

(Singing again)

Mi ultimo recuerdo / Corria hacia la puerta
Ver una candela en el camino / Por donde habia llegado
“Relax” dijo el portero / Por mi es honor recibir
Puede salir cuando quiere / Pero nunca yo partir

Welcome to the Hotel California
Such a lovely place


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Sweden, Rape, And Accusees Not Named Julian Assange

Posted by Phoenix Woman on December 17, 2010

Oh, Michael Moore is so evil! Why, just look at what an evil person he is, to even mention the following:

** Sweden has the HIGHEST per capita number of reported rapes in Europe.

** This number of rapes has quadrupled in the last 20 years.

** The conviction rates? They have steadily DECREASED.  

Axelsson says: “On April 23rd of this year, Carina Hägg and Nalin Pekgul (respectively MP and chairwoman of Social Democratic Women in Sweden) wrote in the Göteborgs [newspaper] that ‘up to 90% of all reported rapes [in Sweden] never get to court.'”

Let me say that again: nine out of ten times, when women report they have been raped, you never even bother to start legal proceedings. No wonder that, according to the Swedish National Council for Crime Prevention, it is now statistically more likely that someone in Sweden will be sexually assaulted than that they will be robbed.

Message to rapists? Sweden loves you!

Which is why it strikes Mr. Moore as so strange — just as it struck Evil Naomi Wolf as so strange — that a country so unbelievably lax and lackadaisical at handling rape would suddenly decide to go after Julian Assange with such (for them) unusual persistence. As Wolf states:

Indeed, the Swedish authorities — who are now being depicted as global feminist sex-crime-avenger superheroes in blue capes — were shamed by a 2008 Amnesty International report, “Case Closed“, as being far more dismissive of rape, and far more insulting to rape victims who can be portrayed as ‘asking for it’ by drinking or any kind of sexual ambiguity — than any other country in their comparison group. As Amnesty International put it in a blistering attack: “Swedish Rapists Get Impunity.”


“Helena Sutourius, an expert in legal proceedings in sexual offense cases, concludes that, in Sweden, ‘the focus appears to be on the woman’s behaviour, rather than on the act that is the object of the investigation.'” Swedish prosecutors and police don’t even keep proper track of their own rape issue and how their own police handle or mishandle cases. Amnesty accused Sweden of little scrutiny of or research into the quality of its own rape crime investigations, “a serious shortcoming that needs to be addressed immediately.”

Finally, remember that in the Assange case it is the State rather than the women themselves that is bringing the charges. The Swedish state — which has proven, in politically neutral cases that merely involve actual assaults against women — such a shameful custodian of raped victims’ well-being.

And then, conclude: shame on Sweden; shame on Interpol; shame on Britain. And lasting shame, given this farcical hijacking of a sex crime law that is scarcely ever enforced in Sweden in far less ambiguous contexts, on the United States of America.

But of course to even mention any of this makes one an evil person.

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Our GOP/Media Complex In Action

Posted by Phoenix Woman on December 17, 2010

How can the Republicans win so many elections when all they do is screw the little guys and gals? One reason is that they’ve got Big Corporate Media in their back pocket, either by being bought out, bought off, or scared off.

I was just reminded of that again today:

As Jon Stewart demonstrates, Al Jazeera gave more coverage to the outrageous GOP filibuster against providing health care to injured 9/11 first responders than did all American news networks combined.

The GOP’s filibuster blocked passage of a $7.4 billion measure to take care of the medical needs of those 9/11 heroes who were first on the scene. Stewart sat down with four of those heroes, each with cancer or another life threatening disease brought on by exposure to the dust and other elements at Ground Zero, all of them whose lives literally depend on passage of this bill, and he gave voice to the victims of the GOP’s cruel and heartless jihad against government.

At one point, Stewart plays video of Mitch McConnell’s tearful farewell to Judd Gregg and points out that at the very same time, he was refusing to allow a vote on delivering health care for 9/11 workers, and asks for reaction from the 9/11 first responders. It’s about the most powerful indictment of the GOP’s upside-down priorities that you’ll ever see.

For more discussion on this, see Clarknt67’s diary. – Barbara Morrill

This is what happens when you repeal the Fairness Doctrine and allow rich and greedy jerks to swamp the media with their garbage unchallenged.

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Friday Cat Blogging

Posted by MEC on December 17, 2010

The surprising thing is that Lightfoot didn’t immediately move when Alex stepped down behind her, and that Alex didn’t push her off.

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