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Lady Lightfoot, 1994-2010

Posted by MEC on December 24, 2010

My lovely ladycat has been ill for several months with an inoperable tumor in her abdomen. Last weekend, she stopped eating. Tuesday I took her for her last ride to the veterinary office, where she left this world as she had lived in it, quietly and with grace.

I was her catstaff for 14 of her 16 years. She was gentle and dignified, rarely “cuddly” but always companionable. I find comfort in remembering how she’d just happen to decide to sit on the sofa when I did; how, just about once a year, she’d suddenly decide to sit in my lap (as long as I didn’t move a muscle); how she’d jump onto a small chest in the kitchen, just the right height for me to reach her for petting, and head-butt my thigh to tell me she was fond of me; how she’d jump onto the bed and poke me delicately with one claw so I’d get up and feed her.

She had excellent manners, and (almost) infinite patience with the rowdy boycat I inflicted on her. She was smart enough to figure out from one instance that if I sat on the sofa, I was going to feed her treats. She forgave me for the time she presented me with a dead mouse and I promptly threw it away and nearly forgot to thank her for it. She was a gracious hostess to visitors, even when the visitors brought noisy sticky Small Humans with them. She flatly refused to be held for more than 30 seconds and was deeply offended by attempts to rub her tummy, but was always happy to accept chin skritches.

She was the best of cats.

7 Responses to “Lady Lightfoot, 1994-2010”

  1. Charles II said

    What a beautiful photo by which to remember her. I can almost see the half-smile.

    Thanks for sharing your lovely with us, MEC.

    • MEC said

      It was a pleasure to share her. Also a challenge, because most photos of her make her look like a black hole with eyes. :-)

  2. Ave atque vale, Lady L.!

  3. Jenny said

    I’m sorry about your cat. I had a dog for 14 years up until we had to put her down last year.

  4. Stormcrow said

    Sorry to hear the news about Lady Lightfoot.

    I had something I intended to post here when I ran across it earlier this week. Today’s post was a bit shocking, but after thinking about it for a few minutes, I think I’ll do that anyway.

    If only because MEC (among others) could probably do with some cheering up.

    Turns out, the big 400 pounders are cut from pretty much the same fabric as the little guys we all know a bit better.

    *Big Cat Christmas!* (Youtube link)

    • MEC said

      Stormcrow, I love that video, and it does indeed cheer me up.

      I’ve been thinking of your Sweetie Girl. Please give her skritches for me.

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