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How Can This Be Happening?!?

Posted by Phoenix Woman on January 5, 2011

That spinning flying object you’re seeing in the sky right now? It’s my head. It popped clean off of my shoulders when I read this:

A Vernon Center sex assault suspect’s ability to post a larger bond for his release from jail is raising new questions about how he is able to qualify for a public defender.

Jeremy Allen Giefer, 37, posted a $350,000 bond for his release from jail Monday. The bond amount, issued by Griffin Bail Bonds, included $250,000 Giefer had previously posted before being arrested and jailed again for allegedly violating his release conditions.

You remember Mr. Giefer, right? The guy who now-former governor Tim Pawlenty had pardoned, thus erasing his statutory rape conviction? The conviction he’d earned because he, as a 19-year-old alleged adult, knocked up a 14-year-old, then married her — and now stands accused of molesting the very child, the young daughter, who was the product of his impregnating the 14-year-old? (Oh, and he’s got at least one other child by another woman — a woman he was sexually assaulting — that we know of.)

Now he’s managed to get out on bail, after the judge raised the bail because the silly twit was caught violating the terms of it.

I am aghast. As I stated over in the comments threads at Bluestem Prairie:

If he’d been a poor black guy living in South Minneapolis, his chance for bail would have been revoked the second he tried contacting his victim-daughter. Who the hell is pulling strings for this guy? And how much more blatant can this get?

This guy’s been coddled ever since he became a legal adult — and I have a feeling he was coddled well before he became a legal adult, because that’s the most likely reason I can find for his apparent belief (well justified by events) that he will be allowed to get away with damned near anything.

Again, I am aghast.

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