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The Guilty Flee When No One Pursueth: RWers Scrub Websites After Giffords Shooting

Posted by Phoenix Woman on January 8, 2011

Erick Erickson and Michelle Malkin doth protest too much when they say that the guy who shot Democratic congresswoman Gabrielle Giffords couldn’t have been a fellow right-winger like them. If that’s so, then why are a whole bunch of right-winger Republicans and their allies suddenly scrubbing things from their websites?

Things like this:

And this, scrubbed from Sarah Palin’s website:

The guilty — of conscience, perhaps? — flee when no one pursueth.

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Never forget

Posted by Charles II on January 8, 2011

This is what Sarah Palin posted some months ago. It has apparently just been taken down. It was posted by Kossack leolabeth here:

Most of the people on this list were defeated in the recent election.

At this moment, there is no reason to believe that the shooting of Representative Gabrielle Giffords was politically motivated. But many Democratic congressmen, including Giffords, have been threatened with death in the atmosphere of violence and evil that the Republican Party invoked in order to seize power.

Lord, where is your justice?

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History Channel (finally) does the right thing

Posted by Charles II on January 8, 2011

[Corrected: History Channel, not History News Network. Thanks, MEC]

History Channel funded a smear job on John Kennedy. At last, they have pulled the plug.

From AOL News

PASADENA, Calif. — The History Channel will not air a controversial miniseries it produced about the Kennedy family, saying the multimillion project that had become the network’s most expensive on record did not fit the “History brand.”

The eight-part series had already been completed, and starred Greg Kinnear and Katie Holmes as John and Jackie Kennedy. But during its production, critics like former Kennedy administration aide Theodore Sorenson attacked the scripts as inaccurate. The role of producer Joel Surnow, a political conservative, also drew suspicion from fans of the Kennedy family.

Surnow will be back. He’ll get it onto Murdoch media or some other slime outlet. Jane Mayer on Surnow:

During three decades as a journeyman screenwriter, Surnow grew increasingly conservative. He “hated welfare,” which he saw as government handouts. Liberal courts also angered him. He loved Ronald Reagan’s “strength” and disdained Jimmy Carter’s “belief that people would be nice to us just because we were humane. That never works.” He said of Reagan, “I can hardly think of him without breaking into tears. I just felt Ronald Reagan was the father that this country needed… . He made me feel good that I was in his family.”

(best quotes below the fold)
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