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Help the 99ers!

Posted by Charles II on January 18, 2011

(via Avedon) Nicole Sandler has started a website,

This is the kind of effort that will help, if only because it builds solidarity between people. But it can also provide real help. There are (some) jobs out there for people with the right skills. These are not filled because of information gaps. Let’s say that I want to have some landscaping done. It’s not urgent, so I don’t want to pay a service like Angie’s List to find someone. I’m going to wait until either I have time or a neighbor tells me about someone who’s good. But if I were connected to the right person, I would hire them.

Take a look. If you have a job to offer, this is a good place. If you need a job, you’ll get a few people looking at hiring you..and it beats the h–l out of giving up.

The Virtually Speaking podcast is worth listening too, as well.

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  1. Thanks so much for this, Charles!

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