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Breaking News: Water Is Wet

Posted by MEC on January 25, 2011

The Bush regime routinely broke the law* by treating the West Wing as Republican campaign headquarters. They also routinely designated travel by senior officials as official government business when the purpose of the trips was political, to stick the taxpayers with the cost.

I am so surprised.

Actually, I will be surprised if there are any consequences for this report, even just making the RNC reimburse the taxpayers for the travel costs.

(* I know, I could have ended the sentence there.)

(Hat tip to Oliver Willis, via supergee in LiveJournal)

5 Responses to “Breaking News: Water Is Wet”

  1. Charles II said

    Five years to decide that telling career employees how they can help the re-election effort is not kosher.

    Justice delayed = justice denied

    • MEC said

      Probably more like two years, Charles. I’m guessing the investigation didn’t start until the Justice Department was no longer officially under Bush’s control.

      • Charles II said

        Fair point.

        But the re-election itself was seven years ago. I said five only because that was the number used on, I think, Rachel. [added: correcting my error, the recent report had to do with the 2006 election. I had thought it dealt with the 2004 election]

        This has been a very long time coming.

  2. jo6pac said

    I know I’m shocked about this news and I’m sure on one goes to jail, not even the little people.

  3. We must all look forward, unless it’s a non-Republican who’s caught — then we throw the book at ’em!

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