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Hillary Clinton, Then And Now

Posted by Phoenix Woman on February 3, 2011

Here’s what Secretary of State Hillary Clinton has to say about the Egyptian government’s attacks on the press:

“There is a clear responsibility by the Egyptian Government, including the army, to protect those threatened and to hold accountable those responsible for these attacks. The Egyptian Government must demonstrate its willingness to ensure journalists’ ability to report on these events to the people of Egypt and to the world.”

From WikiLeaks (via Abe Sauer and The Guardian) we find this from January of last year:

2. I am deeply concerned by instances of inaccurate and unfavorable international media coverage of America’s role and intentions in Haiti. This misinformation threatens to undermine the international partnership needed to help the people of Haiti, and to damage our international engagement across the range of issues. It is imperative to get the narrative right over the long term. Where you see ill-informed or distorted perspectives in your host country media, I direct you as Chief of Mission to personally contact media organizations at the highest possible level – owners, publishers, or others, as appropriate – to push back and insist on informed and responsible coverage of our actions and intentions, and to underscore the U.S. partnership with the Government of Haiti, the United Nations, and the world community. It is important that you and other members of your Embassy team engage opinion-makers in setting the record straight on America’s commitment to assist the Haitian people and government in recovering from this disaster.

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