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MN GOP Wants To Spend Your Tax $ To Keep You From Voting

Posted by Phoenix Woman on February 8, 2011

Seriously, that’s what they want to do:

This omnibus bill contains a wide range of expansive and expensive election law changes. Careful research and analysis of this bill will certainly be necessary to determine the exact cost and impact on local and state governments. For instance, connecting 5,000 electronic poll books statewide could cost more than $20 million. The bill’s implications will also be analyzed by groups who would be affected including absentee and military voters, seniors, and voters with disabilities.

At a time when lawmakers are looking to streamline government and create efficiencies, HF 210 includes many proposals that would significantly increase the state’s budget deficit and create higher on-going costs for cities, counties and townships.

This bill is an expensive vision for elections. It is important that we approach the administration of elections in a fiscally responsible manner that avoids increasing costs or shifting costs to already budget-strapped local governments to be paid by increased property taxes.

Indeed. It’s also a way to keep certain groups that traditionally vote Democratic from being able to vote.

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