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Dare we hope? Mubarak steps down/updated

Posted by Charles II on February 11, 2011

I witnessed the moment when the Al Jazeera feed came on and said “Breaking News”. At first, I thought it was a replay of last night’s speech. But when they said that he had handed power to the military, I realized that it was today.

Egypt must travel a long road to leave the darkness that has covered it for 30 years. But the light that is shining now is a great light that may lead many nations to freedom. I only hope that people in every corner of the American empire, from Honduras to Kenya to our own often benighted country are learning the power of peaceful opposition by a united and determined people.

From Jed Lewison, one of the many Kossacks who have followed this story with extraordinary talent and determination:

Update: As far as I know, there is no evidence to support the rumor that Glenn Beck, whilst muttering about Code Pink’s victory, has departed for Sharm el-Sheik to join his comrade Hosni Mubarak.

Adding: My prediction for Egypt was that after an extended period of kabuki, the military remains firmly in charge, and that prediction remains. Even without the uprising, Hosni Mubarak was a US asset whose useful life was nearly over. The extent of US stupidity in extending him even the slightest assistance other than guaranteeing his safe exit is impressive (yes, we did have to pretend to support him so as to not spook our other dictators, but we went well beyond that). So now the military is formally in charge of the country. Since they have detained and tortured people, there’s no reason to think that they will relinquish that control. But perhaps they can modernize Egypt’s politics so that the graft is a little less visible and crippling.

Of course, if the people want it, they can claim their freedom. Just as plainly, it will come only at a price.

Added: Best of Free Republic (below the fold)
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A new generation of activists for Congress?

Posted by Charles II on February 11, 2011

We very obviously need to replace the generation that came in in the 1970s.

Press Democrat:

Norman Solomon, a Marin County political activist and author, said Wednesday he will run for the Sonoma—Marin congressional seat in 2012 if Rep. Lynn Woolsey retires.

Solomon, an Inverness resident and self-described progressive Democrat, said he would “extend the Woolsey legacy” by opposing war in Afghanistan and backing green jobs, clean energy, civil liberties, gender equality, health care, education and balanced spending priorities.

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Friday Cat Blogging

Posted by MEC on February 11, 2011

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