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Things The GOP/Media Complex Won’t Tell You About Wisconsin, Part 2

Posted by Phoenix Woman on February 19, 2011

Since the national media is pretending that average Americans, unpaid by the Koch family, who protest for their rights are somehow agents of “chaos”, and that members of Koch front groups like the Tea Party and Americans for Prosperity are solid citizens, I have decided to forego linking to them unless they tell the unspun and whole truth, or I can mock them in some way.

In this case, the mockery comes from a resident of Madison who is astonished at just how in the tank the national press is for the Koch-funded teabaggers:

I’ve been at the WI state capitol for the last 5 days. I run my own business a block from there and have been heading over during lunches and at the end of the days. The whole week has been unbelievable, and as you would expect, the national media isn’t doing it justice.

Today especially – the billionaire backed republican rally was so full of FAIL, I almost started to feel sorry for them. Almost.

It truly was laughable how small and insignificant the ‘baggers were. Official estimates are saying 70,000 just today alone, and I’d be shocked if the Koch Klan topped 1,000. So imagine my surprise when just checking in now to see how it’s being covered, and the AP article that seems to be all over the place online, focuses almost exclusively on the counter-protesters. I know we’re all aware of this thing they always do, but it’s extra disconcerting when you experience the deception so directly.

Whatever…It’s really incredible what’s happening here, and I’m very proud of how my fellow labor backers handled themselves going face-to-face with the crazies and being very respectful and staying on message, and not taking the bait. There are even volunteer groups forming each night to go around the grounds and cleaning up. Various unions are stationed around the grounds with grills set up and giving food and water for free. I’ve talked to some restaurant and bar owners around the square, and they’re saying this week will make their entire year, and having to place several orders a day with suppliers just to keep up (one is a friend and he’s ordering massive amounts from local farmers…they’re not sure if they’ll be able to meet demand if this keeps up). He also said many are placing large orders and asking them to pass it all out for free to protesters. It’s really great to see.

I haven’t seen any of this mentioned in any article I’ve read yet. Solidarity! Also. Too.

Another Wisconsinite chimes in to corroborate

Yeah, I was there about 11:30 to maybe 1:30 or so and I would be surprised if there were more than 200 teabaggers there. The pro-union people were shoulder to shoulder filling the streets around the capital. I imagine Fox is reporting 80-100,000 teabaggers though. It’s nice to see liberals standing up for themselves for a change!!

By the way: Despite the obvious jonesing for violence by the teabaggers (who flew in disgraced media hack Andrew Breitbart to address their miniscule crowd before they all left for the day), the Madison police department reports that as of 5:10 pm Central Standard Time, there have been no arrests of anyone during the week of protests.

5 Responses to “Things The GOP/Media Complex Won’t Tell You About Wisconsin, Part 2”

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  2. Charles II said

    Electronic media represent an alternate reality zone. It has taken a week for the Kochs to bus in protestors from out of state. It would be no surprise if they’re covering their expenses. And even so, they managed to get about 2% as many as are protesting against the bill.

    So, of course the Teabaggers get 50% of the coverage, of which there was almost none until they showed up. Seems fair to me. [/Twilight Zone].

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