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Tea Partier Plans to Go to Madison Posing as Union Member So He Can Start Fights

Posted by Phoenix Woman on February 21, 2011

While the national media is busy yammering about nonexistent “chaos” even as the Madison cops still haven’t found anything that rates writing out an arrest warrant, a really stupid teabagger named Mark Williams wants to get together with his buddies and go to Madison to cause actual trouble while posing as SEIU members:

we are going to target the many TV cameras and reporters looking for comments from the members there (5) we will approach the cameras to make good pictures… signs under our shirts that say things like “screw the taxpayer!” and “you OWE me!” to be pulled out for the camera (timing is important because the signs will be taken away from us) (6) we will echo those slogans in angry sounding tones to the cameras and the reporters.


Our goal is to make the gathering look as greedy and goonish as we know that it is, ding their credibility with the media and exploit the lazy reporters who just want dramatic shots and outrageous quotes for headlines. Even if it becomes known that we are plants the quotes and pictures will linger as defacto truth.

This is exactly the sort of thing right-wingers love to do. See, for example, Mitch Berg and his buddies at “Protest Warrior”. So it’s no surprise that they’re trying the same old agent proschlockateur silliness.

23 Responses to “Tea Partier Plans to Go to Madison Posing as Union Member So He Can Start Fights”

  1. Wege said

    And suddenly I’ve got Swiftee back in my comments, bragging about parallel belligerence.

  2. Charles II said

    You do know that you can do something about that, ‘Wege?

    • Wege said

      I let him comment so long as he doesn’t attack non-public individuals, and even then I cut him slack because I think he hurts his own side.

      Besides, as almost every liberal blogger in town can tell you, banning Swiftee is a full-time job because (apparently) he doesn’t have one.

    • Charles II said

      As long as it’s a relationship between consenting adults, I shall say no more, ‘Wege.

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  6. K-Rod said

    “doesn’t attack non-public individuals”

    If it weren’t for double standards you’d have no standards at all.

  7. K-Rod said

    I am a troll.

    Not a very smart troll.


    But I am a very mellow troll.

    Because you told me plainly that you were not going to let me use this blog for yelling and screaming, I am going to sing a song for you.

    The March Troll
    I…am… three feet high…
    With purple, shining eyes…
    And seven fingers on every hand.
    I…play…the kazoo
    Sometimes…in the zoo,
    Where I live in the poo.

    Next, poetry!

    [slightly edited by siteowner for recreational purposes]

  8. K-Rod said

    And now I am going to show you the bestest troll trick ever, as I DISAPPEAR!

    [edited slightly by siteowner for the pure fun of it.]

    • Charles II said


      I never would have thought he would disappear by dropping a three ton rock on his own head.

      I have to admit, K-Rod, that’s a magic trick.

      • Wege said

        Jeez, and to think I’ve been cutting this lol troll some slack.

        The idiot jesters of the right: at least they get half of it right.

      • Charles II said

        Please note the disclaimers in italics on the posts, ‘Wege.

        Not that the originals were of any greater substance, but what you see is step two in a three step process by which we ensure that this a place where there can be a friendly exchange of ideas. And, no, I really don’t care about visitors’ ideology as long as they don’t try to incite flame wars.

  9. Jeez, and to think I’ve been cutting this lol troll some slack.

    The idiot jesters of the right: at least they get half of it right.

    Hey Wege, we know how it goes. Every so often one comes along that almost seems honest and rational. But then they pull a little stunt like deliberately confusing criminal and civil law, which reveals their utter mendacity for which we must spank them.

    • Wege said

      Sometimes I wonder what’s it’s like to subscribe to an ideology so bankrupt they have to cheat to make a semi-coherent argument.

      Anyone else getting trolled by this guy? Or are we “special”?

  10. Wege said

    I give up. I just had to ban him for calling me a childhood nickname.

    In all the years I’ve been online, I’ve never been half as offended as I am by creeps I don’t know addressing me like I was a childhood friend.

    It’s not trolling, it’s more like stalking except (Swiftee aside) they don’t have the guts to face any of the people they stalk.

    • Charles II said

      ‘Wege, I really don’t want to turn this into a thread about Norwegianity and the troll. Much as ‘Wegianity is a worthwhile blog, life is short. People who post just to be obnoxious are not worth ten seconds. Even ten seconds telling you, Mark, just ban the idiot and stop agonizing about it awready.

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