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Fianna Fáil Fail? /Updated

Posted by Charles II on February 26, 2011

I’ve never followed Irish politics, but this election will matter, since whether Ireland goes along with the German extend and pretend model of ignoring financial crises away or whether it decides to screw the banks and tax the rich to prevent great suffering among working people may hang in the balance. Not that anything really radical is likely to happen. Ireland is far too deep in hock to the multinationals for that to happen.

Here it is, from right to left as I understand it:

Country clubbers/Christian Democrats: Fine Gael
Neo-liberals/corporate libertarians: Progressive Democrats (disbanded 2008)
The consensus party, center/right: Fianna Fáil
Center left: Labour
Left/nationalist: Sinn Féin
Left/environmentalist: Green

The current parliament has 70 from Fianna Fáil, 51 from Fine Gael, 20 from Labour, 6 from the Greens, and 5 from Sinn Féin.

John Murray Brown of the FT predicts a Fine Gael-Labour coalition, with Fine Gael taking around 40% of the vote. Fine Gael could win an outright majority.

So, at this stage, extend and pretend looks to win the day. Not a good omen.

Frank Schnittger of DK has more on the polling.
Update: From CMike in comments at Avedon’s Sideshow, a very interesting read by Michael Lewis in Vanity Fair to get the flavor of how the Irish crisis developed.

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