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Honduran dictatorship, day 417

Posted by Charles II on February 27, 2011

As usual, Adrienne, RAJ/RNS, and Brother John are doing the heavy lifting on covering this story. Adrienne helped co-edit an issue of NACLA that reviews the three recent coups in the Western Hemisphere, i.e. Venezuela, Haiti, and Honduras. Behind the paywall, Rodolfo Pastor Fasquelle has an article. Also, Adrienne makes available Dario Euraque’s opus on the coup, which I may get to read some time in 2012. RNS has some important posts (here and here) on the price of beans and how government subsidies appear to be instead simply used to help speculators drive up prices. IMO, Bush played a similar game with the national oil reserve, so this is a theme that we should be aware of. Brother John has a good post on the moral blindness that lets the wealthy of a nation ignore their role in poverty.

The Resistance, which our media mischaracterizes as “Zelaya supporters” has reportedly decided not to engage in the upcoming elections. I’m waiting for an official announcement on Vos el Soberano or some source more reliable than the Associated Press, but it’s probably true.

There was a march bycamisas blancas in San Pedro Sula. Just not against state violence. The Alianza Democratica refused to talk politics. Incredible that an anti-Zelayist organization gets international press for getting 25,000 people to agree that violence is bad, while the Resistance gets no press for a million signatures demanding a Constitutional Convention.

There’s much more going on. The Resistance is still very much alive.

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