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Walker Orders Capitol Police To Clear Building At 4PM – But Will They?

Posted by Phoenix Woman on February 27, 2011

As David Dayen, who is reporting from the Rotunda of the Wisconsin State Capitol in Madison, mentions, the Capitol Police have been ordered by Scott Walker to clear the building by 4:00 pm today.

But will they? A recent Dayen Tweet calls this into question:

My sense is that the Capitol police don’t quite know yet how they will clear this building

Sit tight, everyone. Things could get interesting. Smoke ’em if ya got ’em.

2 Responses to “Walker Orders Capitol Police To Clear Building At 4PM – But Will They?”

  1. Smokin’.

  2. And it turns out the cops only cleared out the bottom floor; everyone else can stay:

    ddayen David Dayen

    Activists will not be removed tonite. @evale72: ppl of WI held their Capitol against their Governor #wiunion #onedaylonger

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