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“Roger Ailes to be Indicted”

Posted by Charles II on February 28, 2011

That’s what Barry Ritholtz says.

It might even be true, but I’m not holding my breath.

If it does turn out to be true, watch out for airborne swine.

5 Responses to ““Roger Ailes to be Indicted””

  1. Speaking of porker aviation, this surprised the heck out of me:

    First Amendment lawyer Alan Dershowitz announced Tuesday night that he would be joining the legal team defending WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange, who is currently fighting off an extradition order from the U.K. to Sweden, where he is sought for alleged sexual misconduct.

    In a CNN interview, Dershowitz said the United States praised the use of new media in the quest for Middle East democracy, but was seeking to stop WikiLeaks.

    Why do I have the feeling he’s only doing this so he can see what cables Assange might have that concern Israel?

  2. MEC said

    Salon’s Justin Elliott reports that the source of the story is “a man [Barry Ritholtz] happened to meet and strike up a conversation with at a Barbados airport over the weekend.”

    Elliott quotes Ritholtz on the reliability of the story:

    “If it’s true we’ll find out. If it’s not, no big deal,” he says. “We’ll see where this goes.”

    Rithholtz is just gossiping. He is also displaying an unfortunately common attitude among today’s “journalists” — if they pass along false information, no big deal.

    • Charles II said

      Well, it made me feel good to see it in print, MEC. Maybe if we just clap our hands harder the nightmare of lies, corruption, venality, and downright meanness that is Fox Noise will go away.

      BTW, Ritholtz has an excuse for gossiping. He’s a financial analysts, not a journalist. The corporate media, well…they’re not journalists either, but they claim to be.

      Another BTW: I had an e-mail from a former bigfoot in print corporate media, someone who actually did journalism, encouraging me to contact his former employer’s ombudsman to report things they got wrong. I didn’t have the heart to tell him that I stopped reading it long ago because it got so many things wrong that I would have felt compelled to write them every day, several times a day. And you know me: I’ll spend an hour or more researching my side of the issue to make sure that I’m not being overly critical. Plus, they only concede error when there’s no escape. Who has the time?

  3. supergee said

    He’s going to try to fly away?

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