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NYT Punk’d By Anti-Union Plant: Paunch’s Scoop Is Poop

Posted by Phoenix Woman on March 1, 2011

Remember last week when the New York Times, with Arthur G. “Paunch” Sulzberger commanding both the byline and the front page with an article whose thesis, “Union Bonds in Wisconsin Begin to Fray”, was a consummation that Paunch oh-so-obviously (and devoutly) wished? The story that Wisconsin governor Scott Walker loved so much he even talked it up to the guy he thought was his owner, David Koch?

Keith Olbermann has the true scoop — and it’s that Paunch’s scoop is poop. Turns out Paunch wished for it so much, he let himself, and his daddy Pinch’s and grandpa Punch’s paper, get bamboozled by a non-union guy pretending to be a union guy who hated unions:

We know about this Times disaster from last Tuesday because the paper finally got around to correcting it in Saturday’s edition. The mistake got page 1A. The correction got a little box “below the fold” (somebody explain that term to Mr. Sulzberger, too) on 2A, which is read about as thoroughly as the drug interaction warnings that come with aspirin:

A front-page article on Tuesday about reaction among private-sector workers in Wisconsin to Gov. Scott Walker’s effort to cut benefits and collective-bargaining rights for unionized public employees referred incorrectly to the work history of one person quoted, and also misspelled his surname. While the man, Rich Hahn (not Hahan) described himself to a reporter as a “union guy,” he now says that he has worked at unionized factories, but was not himself a union member. (The Times contacted Mr. Hahn again to review his background after a United Auto Workers official said the union had no record of his membership.)

This clear picture of a bunch of agendas happily coinciding – ‘Sulzberger! Find me a Wisconsin union guy who agrees with the Governor!’ – and to hell with the facts or the fact-checking or the spelling, with the truth coming to light only from – gasp! – an actual union guy (from the devil UAW itself!), has been reduced to a “PS, the publisher’s kid kinda screwed up on the most important domestic news story of the moment” instead of serving as the springboard for something fair, or even useful – maybe a front-page piece about the disinformation war being waged by Governor Walker and the Koch Brothers and the Tea Party in Wisconsin and whether or not this Hahan/Hahn was part of it, intentionally or inadvertently.

Go run along and play, Paunch. You make your daddy Pinch look good, and he’s notoriously gormless.

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