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Moses to Evans to Chance

Posted by Charles II on March 4, 2011

Actually CJR to Susie to Avedon, with the hit coming from Liel Leibowitz of Tablet Magazine. But Moses figures into the play as well:

Last year, a young man called in to a radio station with a problem. He’d recently attended a bachelor party, he said, and a friend of the groom-to-be, clueless of the unwritten etiquette of maledom, brought his girlfriend along, derailing what was supposed to be a weekend of gambling, girls, and general debauchery. The caller told his story with passion and verve, and then asked the station’s listeners for their advice on how to treat his clueless pal.

Or at least he would have, had this been a real conversation. The young man—who asked to remain nameless in order to protect his chances for future employment—was an actor, and the staged call an audition. …

But what exactly was the work? … he would be invited periodically to call in to various talk shows and recite various scenarios that made for interesting radio. He would never be identified as an actor, and his scenarios would never be identified as fabricated—which they always were.

Curious, the actor did some snooping and learned that Premiere On Call was a service offered by Premiere Radio Networks, the largest syndication company in the United States and a subsidiary of Clear Channel Communications, the entertainment and advertising giant. Premiere syndicates some of the more sterling names in radio, including Rush Limbaugh, Glenn Beck, and Sean Hannity. But a great radio show depends as much on great callers as it does on great hosts: Enter Premiere On Call.

Don’t just read the excerpt: go to the original. Leibowitz draws a wonderful connection to the hoshen and the Torah. How, indeed, do we know truth from lies in nation in which lying is a paid profession?

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  1. jo6pac said

    How, indeed, do we know truth from lies in nation in which lying is a paid profession?

    Yep, with a little practice he’ll be able to run for office soon and make the big money;)

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