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Stand with America’s homeless veterans

Posted by Charles II on March 7, 2011

The Hunger Site has added a new service: meals for homeless veterans. Knowing how great is the need, I am shocked and saddened by how few people regularly give the clicks that do everything from preserving the rainforest to helping poor women with breast cancer get therapy. Clicking each of the links on The Hunger Site costs me a grand total of one minute per day, and provides roughly one dollar of services. Multiply that by 365 and by one hundred million Americans and you can see that we could make a significant dent in many of the ills of our society.

At the very least, please add the vets as your home page. It is a great sin that we sucker young men into serving and then abandon them when they come home burdened with war and unprepared for the hard edges of American society.

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