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Missing From GOP Justice Prosser’s Website: His Ties To Scott Walker

Posted by Phoenix Woman on March 12, 2011

Where's the endorsement from the man Prosser promised to "compliment"?

How toxic are the electoral cooties attached to Scott Walker? David Prosser, the Chief Justice of the Wisconsin Supreme Court, studiously avoids mentioning Walker — or even explicitly talking up his own Republican affiliation the way you’d expect a known Tea Party fan to do — anywhere on his campaign website for the upcoming April 5 contest between him and Democratic challenger JoAnn Kloppenberg. (See the above screenshot of his endorsements page. Notice the absence of Walker’s name?) This despite the fact that he was a former GOP Speaker of the Wisconsin Assembly, and is a person known for his intense Republican and pro-Walker partisanship, as this Blogging Blue piece from December shows:

A couple of weeks ago the campaign manager for the reelection campaign of Wisconsin State Supreme Court Justice David Prosser announced Prosser would “[protect] the conservative judicial majority and [act] as a common sense compliment to both the new administration and legislature,” and as first reported last week by Mike McCabe on the Wisconsin Democracy Campaign’s Big Money Blog, Justice Prosser has allegedly made “promises” (or threats, depending on your perspective) to veer far to the right both during and after the election if attacked by the “left” during the campaign.

Furthermore, Prosser’s partisan conservative Republican credentials, already burnished by an appearance at a Tea Party event last year (and do I even have to mention that Americans for Prosperity and FreedomWorks are Koch fronts?), were reinforced just last month by the fact that the Club for Growth, an arch-conservative group which has been funded in part by and linked to the Koch brothers since its founding in 1999, carpet-bombed the Wisconsin airwaves with an unbelievably lavish amount of ads for Prosser during the primary campaign for his seat on the court:

Through the primary election, more than half a million dollars — $591,000 — was spent overall on TV air time. Club for Growth, spending approximately $408,000, accounted for about 69 percent of all television advertising in the primary. It spent more than twice as much for ads supporting Prosser than was spent on TV by the incumbent’s challengers, combined. Club for Growth didn’t only ring up a higher total than the challengers, it paid more per advertisement: Club for Growth paid an average of about $400 for each of its ads, while Winnig paid less than $200 per ad, and Kloppenburg less than $150 per ad — indicating that Club for Growth’s ads were disproportionately placed in larger markets or during programming with larger audiences than the ads placed by Prosser’s challengers.

And yes, the Club for Growth is currently carpet-bombing the Wisconsin airwaves again, this time with ads backing the anti-worker stance of Scott Walker, Prosser’s fellow Kochhead.

Meanwhile, it turns out that it’s not just Prosser’s website that’s being kept free of his hardcore conservative and Koch associations — association that he shares with ideological twin Scott Walker. A YouTube video of him being interviewed by Kim and Steve of the Northwoods Patriots, a local branch of the Tea Party Patriots (which, of course, was and still likely is being run by Koch front group FreedomWorks) has been pulled by its poster from YouTube, not long after its existence was highlighted by a progressive Wisconsin blogger, the Brew City Brawler.

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Things You Missed Last Night If You Get All Your News From Network TV

Posted by Phoenix Woman on March 12, 2011

— Have fun storming the castle! Or in this case, the Utah State Capitol. And well they should storm it:

Activists are storming the Utah State Capitol Building on the final night of the legislative session, furious over the Republicans’ passage of HB 477 which denies citizen access to legislative communications. Video and Pics below!

There are currently over 400 people charging up the stairs and surrounding the House and Senate chambers, chanting that either HB477 be repealed immediately or Governor Herbert be thrown from office. Democrats, Republicans, Liberals, Conservatives, Whites, Blacks, Straight, LGBT, Latinos, Christians, Atheists, Progressives and Teapartiers… they’re all together as one.

More on the vileness of HB477 is here.

Robert Greenwald takes on the Kochtopus:

With a net worth of 43 Billion the Kochs have already spent decades of their lives and over 324 Million of their wealth exerting their influence. The Kochs accomplish their goals by funding a massive array of right wing front groups, think tanks and tea party efforts. They largely operate outside of the public eye, and target their funding to infiltrate public opinion, the media, judicial decisions and legislation. Over three dozen organizations are funded by the brothers, and they spend additional money lobbying and backing conservative candidates. Everything the Kochs do is to fight for a country free from protections and any degree of a social safety net for working Americans.

You might recognize names of some of the organizations that the Koch brothers fund. Americans for Prosperity is their Tea Party effort. They fund the Cato Institute, the Heritage Foundation, the Reason Foundation, the Institute for Justice, the Mercatus Center at George Mason University, the Federalist Society for Law and Public Policy Studies, the American Legislative Exchange Council, and many many more. Through their massive funding efforts, they have fought against health care and are fighting against protecting social security, as well as fighting efforts to halt climate change, and fighting against LGBT rights, Immigration rights, unemployment insurance, environmental protections, the rights of unions to organize and educational opportunity, just to name a few areas they focus on.

— People across the country are suffering from buyer’s remorse over their brand-new Republican governors and legislatures. Scott Walker’s tanking, and so is his lege. Rick Scott’s tanking. Even the media’s favorite fascist, Chris Christie, has taken a hit lately. Mitch Daniels did well in the CPAC straw poll, but he obviously fears getting Walker’s cooties.

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Donate for Earthquake/Tsunami Relief

Posted by MEC on March 12, 2011

If you’ve been looking for a way to make a donation for relief efforts in Japan, go to The Hunger Site and click the “Japan Earthquake & Tsunami – HELP NOW” graphic. The donations will be administered by the site owner, (CharityUSA), which will use 100% of the donations for emergency assistance and recovery (i.e. not for “administrative costs”).

Donations through the site are tax-deductible in the U.S.

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