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Going Wobbly in the knees

Posted by Charles II on March 13, 2011

Onyx Lynx in comments at The Sideshow notes that the IWW (known more usually as the Wobblies) have put together a pamphlet on the nature of general strikes. Probably the key takeaway has to do with certain provisions in American law that make it impossible for labor leaders to advocate general strikes:

Labor law is set up in the United States to discourage unions from standing together. Your union’s officials will be afraid of possible legal ramifications. They will also be afraid that no other unions will endorse the call or actually carry out the strike. Your union may have contractual agreements that union officers are worried about.

So, in interpreting events, do not expect any political leader or any labor leader to advocate a general strike. They occur only when individuals get together and act without leaders. This is why they are very rare.

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