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We are all hibakusha (被爆者) now

Posted by Charles II on March 14, 2011

Japan is a land of great beauty and great tragedy. People live in a silent, sustained dread of disaster. Dread of disaster in the form of job loss or other social stigma is the norm. In this land of great cultural homogeneity, to be an outsider is to be utterly alone. Koreans suffer great discrimination. Even worse-treated historically have been the 1.2 million burakumin, descendants of tanners and butchers, who were outcasts in feudal Buddhist Japan. But most cruelly treated were the 270,000 survivors of the atomic bombings at Hiroshima and Nagasaki called hibakusha (“explosion-affected people”). For decades after the war, their suffering was not even really acknowledged.

One can only imagine the emotions of people facing the likely reactor meltdown. Hundreds of thousands of people homeless, without adequate water or food… and facing the prospect of becoming outcasts like the hibakusha as other Japanese shun them. And so we must stand in solidarity with the people of Tohoku region and not let their suffering be in vain. It is long past time to end the world’s dependence on dirty forms of energy. Perhaps some day, when all the problems of mining waste toxicity, reactor safety, and waste storage have been worked out, we can return to building nuclear plants. But now is the time to refuse to re-license the 23 US plants that are built on the same inadequate design as Daiichi, and time to stop construction at Colombia, SC.

We are all hibakusha now.

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It’s Black Monday For Bank Of America

Posted by Phoenix Woman on March 14, 2011

The hacker collective known as “Anonymous” has struck again, carrying out their “Black Monday” threat against Bank of America:

12:05  The Anonymous-linked @OperationLeakS as promised just launched its BOA leak.  Here’s what they have so far, with personal statements and claims of fraud by ex-employee (scroll down). 

The next twenty-four hours will be interesting.

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