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Randy Hopper’s Fond Du Lac ‘Apartment’ = Hopper Employee’s $600,000 Home

Posted by Phoenix Woman on March 15, 2011

By now I’m sure you’ve heard that when the folks looking for signatures for the Randy Hopper recall petition came to Hopper’s house of record in his Senate district, Hopper’s wife told them that Hopper, a key ally of Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker, no longer lived with her in Fond du Lac, but in Madison with his 25-year-old lobbyist mistress.

Hopper, in trying to avoid being booted from his Senate seat, says that he really does too live in his district, in a Fond du Lac apartment. Um, except there’s one small problem with that statement:

[Hopper policy advisor Matt] Phillips provided The Capital Times with the address where Hopper is living in Fond du Lac on the condition the address would not be made public. He and Rebecca Hogan, Hopper’s chief of staff, cited ongoing threats against Hopper and his family as the reason.

According to the online Fond du Lac County property tax map, the address is not an apartment, as Phillips said, but a roughly $600,000 home owned by a high-ranking employee of Hopper’s media company, Mountain Dog Media.


9 Responses to “Randy Hopper’s Fond Du Lac ‘Apartment’ = Hopper Employee’s $600,000 Home”

  1. jo6pac said

    Just another repug living those r family values. I’m amazed at how stupid they are, I’m sure within 30s of giving out the address some one googled it, were did they find these people? Ia there any one who doesn’t believe in the dumbing down of Amerika well is just to f&*%)&$ dumb.

  2. MEC said

    The next question is what address is on Randy Hopper’s voter registration, and whether he was living there the last time he voted.

  3. buddy_holly said

    Come on wake up out there. This is just like when a kid pays in-state tuition — they have to prove residency, like paying an electric bill, paying utilities, having a real physical address, driver license, car insurance … Hopper is living in sin with his sweet young thing and they need to impeach him ASAP for violating residency laws!

  4. buddy_holly said

    One more thing, if these was a situation based on reality, Hopper would have to provide income tax info and also give an address for his businesses to the state. If he isn’t living where he was, he also needs to re-file all his campaign disclosure info — this stud is a crook and he needs to be tossed out like the retard he is!

  5. freelunch said

    As I recall, almost all neighborhoods that have half-million dollar housing tend to frown on renting out the granny flat and Hopper would be breaking the law if he were living there and not paying rent….

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