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US endorses Saudi invasion of Bahrain?

Posted by Charles II on March 15, 2011

With all the excrement hitting the fan, you may not have noticed this story, but Robert Gates visited Bahrain and shortly thereafter, 1000 Saudi troops arrived. Ethan Bronner and Michael Slackman of he New York Times managed to avoid mentioning the Gates visit even while reporting the imposition of martial law using Saudi troops (Elizabeth Bumiller did cover the Gates visit). Needless to say, Bahrainis view the Gates visit as a green light for the Saudi incursion. And 1000 soldiers is a pretty heavy presence, when added to Bahraini forces. That’s roughly 800 people/soldier. In Iraq, we had about 1 soldier per 400 people. So, the level of repression is similar.

Even if you’re a right-winger who thinks that’s our oil under their sand, hasn’t anyone seen the Cisco commercials? It is not necessary (or wise) to put American fingerprints on repression of this kind.

I would be unsurprised to see the repression succeed in short term. In the long term, that means Bahrain will be deeply radicalized.

One Response to “US endorses Saudi invasion of Bahrain?”

  1. jo6pac said

    This is good news for sure, we have another country that will do the dirty work while hillary spreads the good will of Amerika.

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