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Michigan Dems Seek to Protect Collective Bargaining

Posted by MEC on March 17, 2011

Michigan Democrats are calling for a state constitutional amendment to protect collective bargaining rights.

State Senate Majority Leader Gretchen Whitmer and House Minority Leader Richard Hammel plan to jointly sponsor the amendment in the legislature. It’s unlikely to get the required two-thirds majority, especially since the House has a sizeable Republican majority. A petition drive, however, could put the issue on the Michigan ballot.

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Dems Doing Better Than GOP In Wisconsin Recall Efforts

Posted by Phoenix Woman on March 17, 2011

Kos points out that while the Wisconsin Democrats have a serious shot at recalling six of the eight Republican state senators currently eligible for recall, the Republicans’ alleged effort to recall five eligible Democratic state senators is essentially doomed:

While Democrats provide regular updates on the progress of their recall petition gatherings, Republicans refuse to give the slightest indication of their progress. So is it a stealth Koch-Brother-funded effort, or are things so quiet on the their front because they have nothing to report?

The five Democrats supposedly being targetted are Minority Leader Mark Miller, Spencer Coggs, Dave Hansen, Jim Holperin and Robert Wirch. David Nir collated presidential results by district (that’s the district number in parenthesis):

               Obama  McCain  Margin

Coggs (6)          89      11      O+78
Holperin (12)      53      46      O+7

Miller (16)        66      32      O+34
Wirch (22)         57      41      O+16

Hansen (30)        56      42      O+14

Not a lot of territory there for Republicans to mine. Holperin holds the most competitive district, and that was still +7 Obama. The rest are dominantly Democratic. Compare to the targeted GOPers:

                Obama  McCain  Margin
Cowles (2)          53      45      O+8

Darling (8)         51      47      O+4
Harsdorf (10)       50      48      O+2

Olsen (14)          52      47      O+5
Hopper (18)         51      47      O+4

Grothman (20)       36      63      M+27
Lazich (28)         39      60      M+21

Kapanke (32)        61      38      O+23

See the problem for Wisconsin Republicans? The reason that five of their guys are in trouble in the recall is because they represent Democratic districts. Not only is that important for the recall election itself, but offers petition gatherers a wealth of Democrats to sign those petitions. There are fewer Republicans in those Democratic districts to sign petitions, much less collect those signatures.

Sure enough, Kos follows up with a report that while the Democratic efforts to recall the eight eligible Republican senators are proceeding at warp speed, lack of funding and interest — not to mention signatures — has forced the Republicans to pare back their list of targeted Democratic senators down to three.

As exciting as the recall news is as a test of relative strength, the early test is happening right now, as Wisconsin Democrats work for JoAnn Kloppenberg in her bid to topple Walker ally and longtime Republican state legislator David Prosser from his position as Chief Justice on the Wisconsin Supreme Court. She could use some phonebankers, if you could spare a little time.

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