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Republicans Are Bad At Math: Mike Parry Edition

Posted by Phoenix Woman on March 20, 2011

Hot on the heels of Linda Runbeck’s property-tax fantasies, we have Mike Parry’s double-talk, as documented by Sally Jo Sorensen of Bluestem Prairie:

Within a week of introducing a bill to cut the state’s contribution to public employees’ retirement benefit, Mike Parry told constituents at a Town Hall meeting in Owatonna that those who are public employees will be get bigger pensions under his plan.

Say what? Here comes Clare Kennedy of the Owatonna People’s Press to clarify:

This apparent contradiction [see below] ruffled many in the room who were already upset about two other forthcoming proposals: A 6 percent pay cut for public employees and a “shift” in pension plans that would cut 3 percent from the state’s contribution on the fund. The employees would be obliged to make up the difference.

At one point, Parry characterized the pension bill as an increase.

“Why wouldn’t you want an extra 3 percent in your pension for when you retire?” Parry said.

“I’m not getting an extra 3 percent. I’m getting to pay an extra 3 percent because you’re reducing my employer’s contribution to it,” Driskell said. “And you are cutting me, sir. You’re cutting 15 percent of my co-workers, which may well be me, and you’re cutting 6 percent of my salary. You are cutting me. Don’t tell me you’re not. I have a brain.”

Even better: As Sally Jo Sorensen points out, the “apparent contradiction” referenced by Clare Kennedy is that Parry criticized Governor Dayton’s plan to trim the state’s workforce by six percent, even as proposals coming from his caucus call for fifteen percent cuts!

Ms. Kennedy calls that a contradiction; I call that hypocrisy, double-talk, and horsepucky.

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  1. Charles II said

    They’re not bad at math. They’re good at lying.

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