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The Tice Tribune Strikes Again, This Time On Teaching

Posted by Phoenix Woman on March 22, 2011

The War on Teachers is in full swing over at the Tice Tribune. Marshall Tanick (via Rob Levine over at The Cucking Stool) has the details:

The editorial told only half of the story, and got that part wrong. As the attorney for the prevailing principal, I feel obliged to correct those mistaken impressions…

…The court ruled against the superintendent because she consciously and deliberately bypassed the notice and hearing requirement for no apparent reason, stripping Murphy of significant job responsibilities that she carried out well for many years…

The editorial opined, as did the school district in the lawsuit, that the reassignment was a mere trifle because Murphy retained her same salary….[but] The law currently defines a “demotion,” which triggers a right for a notice and hearing, to consist of a “reduction in rank,” defined as a diminution of duties or a decrease in compensation. Both occurred in this particular case.

The principal’s duties were changed from overseeing a facility and its staff to more menial duties, including lunchroom supervision. The offense in this case was not merely a matter of modifying a “title,” as the editorial suggested, but a major reduction of the educator’s role that could affect her if seeking a job elsewhere as well as promotional opportunities internally.


3 Responses to “The Tice Tribune Strikes Again, This Time On Teaching”

  1. Albatross said

    No, no, I’ve been assured by a majority of the people posting to the comments on the Star Tribune that it’s a LIBERAL paper! Why, they even call it the “Red Star,” so it MUST be true! They point out that the paper occasionally carries a column by Garrison Keillor – you know, the flaming liberal who occasionally rips on Unitarian Universalists for changing the lyrics to hymns? – so that PROVES the Strib is liberal. And it runs columns by Nick Coleman – none THIS year, granted – so that makes it liberal too. Tice and Kersten and Lileks and Michael Gershon and Charles Krauthammer are just offering BALANCE. In case Coleman happens to publish a column this year.

  2. Charles II said

    Interesting how the righties at the “Striberal” don’t understand the concept of due process. The super could have demoted the principal if only a proper hearing had been held. If we had similar “flexibility” in our court system, the jury would be ordered to arrive bringing tar and feathers.

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