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More MN GOP Hypocrite Porking, This Time For Elk River

Posted by Phoenix Woman on March 24, 2011

Minnesota GOP's thumbs on the pork barrel scales again?

Right after Sally Jo Sorensen alerted folks to this bit of hypocritical politically-driven porkery by the Republicans who control the Minnesota Legislature, along comes Spotty of The Cucking Stool with another piece of Republican hypo-pork:

Amid all the negative things you hear about schools, and cutting school funding, and bringing those darn teachers in to line, it is really nice to see some legislators are trying to help schools. Sen. Amy Koch and Rep. Mary Kiffmeyer, specifically.

What? You can read more in the Strib story here.

Well, they are schools in Koch and Kiffmeyer’s own districts. Somebody else’s schools? Heaven forfend! Both bills are very short, so short they fit nicely in the space provided here.

Go click and read. Amazing. They’re barely even bothering to hide it nowadays.

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