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Gallup Poll: Bachmann Beating Pawlenty for 2012 GOP Nomination

Posted by Phoenix Woman on March 27, 2011

The Republican field for 2012 is currently quite crowded, so much so that it’s difficult for any one candidate to break into double digits in Gallup’s polling of Republican primary voters. Huckabee is the current front-runner, but he only has 19%.

Meanwhile, that grinding sound you’re all hearing? Tim Pawlenty’s molars, turning themselves to a fine powder.

Here he is, having spent the better part of a decade systematically sucking up to GOP primary voters by affecting a Southern accent while he destroyed the State of Minnesota just to please them, and in the space of two months Bachmann blows right past him without even breaking a sweat. And she doesn’t even want the job — she’s doing this mainly to build up her connections to the religio-racist right and their wallets so she can be Tom DeLay without the looming prison term, but if she can kick sand in Gutshot Tim’s face and show him what a weakling he is, well, that’s just gravy as far as she’s concerned.

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