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Republicans Are Whiners: Mitch Berg Tea Party Edition

Posted by Phoenix Woman on April 19, 2011

Every time I think Republican blogger, Twin Cities low-wattage radio personality and media ref-worker Mitch Berg can’t sink to a new low, he proves me wrong. BSP catches him not only playing fast and loose with numeric comparisons between two recent rallies at the Minnesota State Capitol (kinda like how a fellow Republican, National Review’s James Pethokoukis, does when trying to pretend that far more people showed up to cheer Sarah Palin last Saturday at Madison than to boo her), but being that most mocked of Midwesterners, an honest-to-goodness weather wimp.

Here’s how Mitch Berg described his appearance at the Tea Party rally that was held at the Minnesota State Capitol last Saturday:

It was 33 degrees at noon, when I spoke, and there was snow on the ground, and a cold wet wind was howling from the north giving wind chills in the teens. Not prime rallying weather. More like Valley Forge.

This was how Berg excuses the fact that fewer than a hundred people bothered to show up for the Tea Party rally — a fact that probably ticked off the handful of food vendors who’d set up shop on the Capitol grounds; if any of those poor schmoes made $20 that day I’d be greatly surprised.

Throughout the piece, written apparently as a whiny work-the-refs reaction to this StarTribune article, Berg blames the less-than-summery weather for keeping down the number of Tea Partiers — which is hilarious, as yesterday the Michele Bachmann-Nikki Haley Tea Party shindig at the South Carolina State Capitol in Columbia saw sunny 80-degree temperatures and still drew a far-smaller-than-predicted crowd of 300 souls, a large number of whom were probably the local and national media crews that dutifully memorialize every teabagger event no matter how small.

Now, the fact that Mitch Berg is a passive-aggressive whine-o-matic with a massive sense of self-entitlement is not in itself a new or unusual state of being for him. What kicks it over into memorableness is his effort to try and pretend that the teabaggers are much tougher than the gay, lesbian and friendly straight activists who staged a rally two days earlier:

By the way, an observer at the Capitol told me that attendance at the annual LGBT rally with Governor Dayton was “way down” from previous years.

Is it because the gay rights movement is dead?

Or is it because it’s an off-year, and the weather was  in the fifties and “wind-swept?”

BSP’s Sally Jo Sorensen, who unlike Berg was actually at that Thursday, begs to differ — and unlike Berg, she has facts on her side:

How big was the  weekday crowd? Dozens, like that on the weekend? Fox News 9 doesn’t have a clip up of Thursday’s rally that I could find, but a short article on the station’s website puts attendance at “about 1000.”

In Soldier’s father, Gov. Dayton rally for gay equality, KARE-11 reported on Friday:

Gov. Mark Dayton Thursday became the first sitting Minnesota governor to speak at Outfront Minnesota’s annual gay equality rally.  The event, for gay persons and their straight supporters, drew nearly 1,000 persons to the Capitol on a cold and blustery day.

The Star Tribune’s item, in the Hot Dish blog, reported the same crowd numbers: about 1000. No online article for Outfront!

I attended Thursday’s rally, and the numbers seem about right, though I was taping speeches and didn’t do my own count.

Yup, I’d say that far more people attended the OutFront rally than the teabagger shinding. Hell, more people camped outside the Wisconsin State Capitol every single night, with little more than tents and sleeping bags, for three weeks during the months of February and March, than what showed up at Saturday’s teabagger rally.

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5 Responses to “Republicans Are Whiners: Mitch Berg Tea Party Edition”

  1. shrimplate said

    Like Leo said to Kate in Titanic: “Sorry. You just seem like kind of a indoor girl.” Teabaggers aren’t ones to rally.

    • Nor are they ones to stick around once the TV cameras are gone. That’s why all their rallies are on weekends — that’s the least inconvenicing time for them, y’know.

  2. Charles II said

    Since when is 33 degrees and wind chill down to the teens considered cold in Minnesota? That’s when people crack out the picnic basket and the bathing suits.

    The “conservatives” have the Lege, control the US House, and have strong influence in the Senate. They’re being told that what they wanted (e.g. repeal of healthcare) has happened, and they’re too blinking stupid to realize they’re being lied to. Just like the Dems after the 2008 election, they’re in passive mode. Do not mistake that for buyer’s remorse. Lemmings don’t get buyer’s remorse, even as their furry little bodies are turned into crimson pulp on the rocks below.

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