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Radio Free Dylan

Posted by Charles II on April 23, 2011

Dylan Ratigan is one of the media personalities who seems fearful of coming out and saying that US economic elites are out of control. He always balances a comment about the excessive power of corporations with a parallel comment about the unions, although rather obviously unions don’t even have enough power to protect their basic rights in their own strongholds.

But Dylan Ratigan does manage to bring important voices to the table. Listen to him here.

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Democracy is the problem: the uprising at Katherine Catherine Ferguson High School

Posted by Charles II on April 23, 2011

Rachel Maddow has the story.

Amazingly, a columnist in the Kalamazoo Gazette defended the actions of the man who is running Detroit by asking whether we would rather have dictatorship or dysfunction. I think the state of New Hampshire answered that question for all of us who believe in the American system:

New Hampshire logo

Added: Also note that the man closing the Catherine Ferguson Academy, Robert Bobb, was appointed by Democrat Jennifer Granholm.

The dictator of Detroit

Shame on her. Bobb is also closing the Day School for the Deaf. Shame on him.

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