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We have seen the future, and it is Chinese

Posted by Charles II on April 27, 2011

Personally, I don’t like this design (my first thought is “dwarven lowrider”), but when there are hundreds of millions of potential consumers at stake, their tastes tend to influence what happens.

Buick Envision SUV
(from Future Transportation)

Via Patty Waldmeir, FT, in which we learn that China is the world’s largest car market. The really depressing part is that design is increasingly being done in China, meaning more good paying jobs are going overseas. And China is pressuring auto companies to launch indigenous brands, i.e. force them to accept half-ownership with local joint venture partners to keep the profits in China.

Waldmeir notes that the front of the car forms a smile. A predatory one, I would say.

Added: Michael Pettis has a good article, in which he notes that Chinese consumption is incredibly low. This keeps interest rates worldwide low, as well as keeps commodity prices from exploding, but of course means misery for the average Chinese. Situations liike this remind me of the end of Animal Farm.

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